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How to tell girlfriend about ED


Ive been seeing this girl for about 2 months now. Can anyone give me any help on trying to tell my girlfriend about this. She has been working away for 2 weeks on a trip and is home tomorrow. Every time we try to sleep together i always have to make bad excuse up why i cant or why i cant stay over. Since she left for work i have had sleepless nights thinking about ways to tell her because i know we havent seen eachother that long so is probably going to leave me. If it was any other girl id make up an excuse and just write the relationship off completely but with this girl i cant lose her but im so afraid i already have.

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It has been my experience with countless so-called day that I've had once I've made it known of the ed, the make nice happens no one is ever rude, but then the phone calls are delayed and being returned to the point where they're not returned or if they are returned it's always a yes but. I hope this woman is more understanding . Most women want to be penetrated . when they find out the male companion cannot get hard, they lose interest.--Especially when it's just in the beginning dating stage . If someone has been married for many years, it usually is somewhat different story; but never on the beginning dating stage. There's no easy way to say it really. Simply say I have Ed I can't maintain an erection will that be a problem for you? The truth is not what she says. The truth lies and what she does afterward

Dude, get to a urologist as fast as you can and get a prescription for Tri-Mix injections! They don’t hurt and you will be more dangerous than you were at nineteen! You will be as hard as hickory for up to two hours and she won’t want to leave town any time soon. RUN....don’t walk!

I would be honest with her about it. Don't make it out to be a bigger issue than it is.

If she is as great a girl as you say she will help you with it.

If not, then she was not the one for you in any way.

Good luck and think positive!

Do you really want your relationship to end because your girlfriend thinks that you are avoiding her because you don't like her or you don't want to get serious? At this point, you will have nothing to lose. Either she will know that you truly care about her or that she will really be only an impatient woman looking for a strictly sexual relationship. Somehow I have the feeling that it is the first alternative.

It seems to me that you have options. Yes, you need to explain it to her. But do something more. Let her know you are trying to get help--and then do it. Talk to your doctor about Trimix and other alternatives. That's doing somethng to help yourself and her at the same time.

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