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Support following radical prostatectomy

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Hi! My name is John. I am 69 years old and recovering from laparoscopic robotic removal of my prostate four weeks ago. Having emotional difficulty with incontinence / leakage and most likely ED now I am a collegial guy and looking to share my wet journey with others going down this road.

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HI John. 58 here and had the surgery last October. Don't dispare. My urologist advised and I can confirm, it takes about 4 months for the bladder to "tidy up". I ditched the pad at about the three month point. At 8 months I'm better than I was pre surgery and still improving.

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Thanks for the feedback CHPA!

Had my DaVinci nerve-sparing (1 bundle) Prostatectomy 8/2019 at age 66. The initial incontinence was really depressing...heavy flow...doing daily Kegels is a MUST (get Kegel Talent app to keep you on track). At 6-month mark...almost total urinary control back with the exception of what is called stress emissions (coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc). ED takes longer if returning (Kegels help again as does use of visual stimulus, pumping, injectables on a regular basis - use or lose) and at the 10 month mark I started to get some soft erections...and they continue to improve with stimulation/use. It is unfortunately a long haul effort and you need to stay engaged with exercises and stimulus. All the best.

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Your feedback is encouraging for me. Thanks for taking the time- it means alit when you’re in this dark tunnel of being wet.

The month after the cateter came out das the lowest in my life. You are not unique. I was aided greatly by my support group all ob whom has gone into that same dark canyon. We all came out of it. You will too. Accept the incontinence as both maneageable and temporary. Accept incontinence clothing as both maneageable and necessary. Do you pelvic floor exercises. Protect your mattress and your favorite chair. Both are easy to do. Expect to be mostly continent by four months and nearly continent by six. Most of us still dribble maybe a teaspoon with some postures. Not so terrible. It is a pale yellow sterile liquid of less than a teaspoon. It dries.

Always encouraging to hear from men further down the road! Three months until I go back to surgeon- hopefully I’m where you are dadzone43.

I would really like that. Would you send me the link on the fourth Sunday before the zoom meeting?

Best of luck on your new journey. I’m 58. I had prostate cancer/removal in March 2019. Bladder leaking never got better.Wet all the time led to red irritated scrotem and dermatologist recommended removal of all pubic hair to keep skin dryer . it helped.. did the physical therapy. .kegals and just had male urethral sling on 6/26.. still leaking. That’s my journey. The ED is better with sildenafil but it’s disappointing 58and not being able to keep erect. Can get erect but keeping it is a problem. And sorry to say that my penis size is smaller after surgery. Get into a prostate support group.. they help. The guy who had prostate removal month after me was dry and his erections came back good in 6 months. So everyone’s body reacts differently to surgery. My cancer was undetectable at 12 months and that’s good for me. all the best in your journey..

Hi John,

I absolutely know how frustrated ED makes you feel.

I developed ED Post-Prostatectomy in 2004 and was not at all satisfied with Treatments such as PDE5 Inhibitors (Viagra, etc.), VED (Vacuum Erection Device), etc.

Finally, in 2007 I was implanted with the Coloplast Titan IPP (Inflatable Penile Prosthesis).

My Penile Implant completely corrected my ED and restored both my sex life and the emotional bond with my wife. I would do it again in a heart-beat!!

You can visit for valuable information on the Titan Implant, as well as, a list of highly skilled Implant Surgeons in your area.

Hope this has been helpful.


Thanks Bob- all info and support from men who traveled this journey before is so encouraging. I hope that I can mentor down the road.



Take heart from bob1138! The implant is a pretty spectacular ultimate solution to treatment-induced ED. See how you do, though, for awhile with the recommended penile therapeutic tools.

Thanks Handseummer!

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