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Information on Coloplast Genesis malleable prosthesis

I have being trying Caverject injections now for a few months and it appears it is not going to work for me as they don’t get my penis hard enough for penetration. I have been to see a specialist today and he advised because of the complications i had following surgery (DVT/PE, sepsis & lymphatic fluid) and the fact that I’m due shortly to have stereotactic radiotherapy I’m only suitable for the simpler implant of the coloplast genesis. I am starting to get depressed about this. I’m 56 and don’t want to give up on sex yet. I’m wondering if any of you have had this implant done and what it is like ? Was recovery from surgery tough and what’s it like to have on a day to day basis and for sex? Thanks in advance.

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Although I didn't have prostate cancer I had ED for years. Tried Trimix but it stopped working after couple years.

Had Coloplast Titan put in by Infrapubic method which is going though a small incision a bit above the penis. I was healed completely and able to begin sex after 2 and a half weeks which is unusually fast. It is as hard a a rock. I have sex nearly every day and no problems.

However, I should disclose that although it may be unrelated to the implant I am in the hospital now with a bad scrotal infection. My scrotum was swollen larger than a grapefruit as was the pubic area. And it was very painful.

Go to a reputable implant surgeon and I would recommend the infrapubic approach. Otherwise they go through the scrotum and from what I have read there is more pain and much longer recovery period.

Good luck


Thanks for the reply and advice. I was told they will not put in the inflatable one as the surgery is about 3 hours and I had so many complications last year after prostate surgery. That is why they are suggesting the more basic one which is called the Genesis.


My surgery was only about 30 min. Can I ask where you are located?

Look for a reputable surgeon who does A LOT of implants. My doc puts in about 500 a year. If you watch YouTube look for "meet the penis" videos or dr. Paul Perito. He does weekly short videos on all aspects of penile implants.


Thanks, the surgeon i saw is considered the best in Ireland and does the most surgeries. A half hour seems very fast. I will look into it further.


Yes it's a relatively quick surgery and mine was the pump and reservoir, the whole thing. I don't know if the malleable one can be infrapubic but regardless it shouldn't take that long to do the surgery


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