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Erection problem


Hey guys. I have searched anwers on web you are my last hope. I spent night with my girlfriend she doesn't wanted sex so we just cuddled and kiss I was horny all night. In the morning we tried to have a sex but my penis could not arouse. I tried latter but same, I can't get erection after that, today is the second day. Did someone have such a case

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Don’t worry it happens! If it presists more than a month then see a specialist

Eageleye in reply to Farira

Thanks man for response hope it will go away soon I'm am really worried about that

Farira in reply to Eageleye

Dont worry! Thinking of it makes it worse! Just move on and never think it has ever happened otherwise you become anxious! Enjoy your episods and forget what ever happened

It's called being human. Sometimes it doesn't work. You don't give any details (age, health, etc.), so it is impossible to say why. Sometimes it just happens.

Eageleye in reply to Jeff85705

So I am 30 years old healthy guy I never had such an issue. I know it can happen but my problem is different. I spent night with my girlfriend and during the night my penis was erected long time but I did not have sex because my girlfriend did not want it, in the morning we tried to have one but I could not get erection. And my balls were sore. I think I was over excited for long time and it demaged something I tried to mastrubate later in the evening but same happened I am bit scared

I also find it far more difficult to get an erection in the morning than at other times. I figure it's just related to my sleep cycle, when I drink coffee, and amount of activity as I go through the day. Sounds normal to me.

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