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  • I, too, had a radical nerve sparing prostatectomy in 2005. It was caught very early, so I did not have to have radiation or chemo. My PSA has been nonexistent since. However, my voluntary erections have also. When my wife and I tried sexual relations after my surgery, a little hardness was there but not enough for intercourse. After many attempts with drugs, and all the side effects, I tried injections. Results were immediate, and I got the hardest erections I had ever had. So hard, in fact, I stayed erect for three hours, but was in so much pain, I had to use ice packs to help until the equipment returned to somewhat normal. There has been no sexual intercourse since those experiences, and, btw, watching me inject my equipment, turned my wife off. So, we haven't had intercourse since, but we have managed to have orgasms by other means. A limp penis can have an orgasm, and I get halfway hard when that happens, and the orgasms are very intense, but, of course, nothing comes out but the pre cum. My urologist keeps talking to me about implants. I would like to hear from those who have had them as far as pros and cons and what kind I should consider. That would be most helpful.

  • Hi Sammy. The vacuum pump works really well. You'll get very hard stiff erections. Also I've heard that with the shots if it's hard too long, you can take a sudafed alergy pill and that will counteract the medicine in the shot.

  • What kind of vacuum pump do you use? I have investigated several, but have never tried one. Do you have to use a cock ring with it? Sounds like one of those could be painful!?

  • The Bonro pump uses rings and really works. You need to be patient and find the correct ring that gives you an useful erection. Also, they are very, very helpful on the phone. It does take a few minutes to get an erection. The way I see it, I am cancer free, which is most important.

  • Thanks for starting this site Darryl. Those are all my favorite subjects. I know some other guys who will be interested.

  • I'm two months post RP and a little anxious about my first psa test. Otherwise I feel great with some minor leakage. I have not attempted intercourse with my wife yet but have been able to self stimulate myself multiple times to orgasm which was quite surprising and satisfying, not like it was but still more than I was expecting. I don't think I am ready to try it with my wife due to lack of performance confidence but there seems to be some hope.

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