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It's Good News Week


I wish to express my thanks to the positive posts of those who (without knowing it) encouraged me to try trimix. The results have been fantastic.

Some details: No prostate issues, no surgery, no diabetes, not overweight, no psychotropic drugs (indeed no drugs at all except ED meds and aspirin for the headache), etc. but crippling ED. Tried sildenafil and tadafil with mixed/poor results but got some terrific headaches. At 71 years old it seemed to be time to give it up. The desire was as strong as ever but the performance was often a failure.

From about age 55 I was aware of diminishing firmness. By 65 I could rarely get it up without a pill (sildenafil or tadafil). By 70 years old I was finding increasingly that the pill failed to do the job and I was getting the headaches for nothing. At 71 I got Trimix and it is like starting over again and without the headache side effects.

Basic low dose Trimix: alprostadil 10 mcg/ml, papaverine 12.5 mg/ml, phentolamine 0.45 mg/ml. After 2 months of regular use (20 shots - I keep a detailed log) I have never had a significant bruise (a few little ones 5mm across) and I have never had a priapism, he has always subsided soon after ejaculation. It required a few trials to get the dose sorted. Starting at 0.05ml (5 units on the disposable insulin syringe) after about 5 trials I settled on 0.12ml which seemed to be just sufficient initially. I also use a lasso around the base of my cock to help keep the juice where it is needed.

One poster mentioned that his Dr had recommended taking a tiny dose of sildenafil before injecting and he was now injecting only .03ml. So I tried that, 1/4 of a tablet - about 25mg - too small to give me a headache but wow! it revved up the trimix so I reduced my injections to 0.10ml and I will try 0.08 next time I load syringes. And ... I LOVE the erections - the best in more than 20 years.

I had expected that I might have some trouble pushing a needle into my cock, but the prick of the 30g needle is so tiny that, after the first hesitant poke, it is no issue. If I could not see it I might not know.

There is more good news too ... I find I am having spontaneous erections again - no meds at all and a lasso holds it up. This has only just commenced but if it persists we may soon have sex without anything but the lasso. Yeee!! Haaaaa!!!

And ... the cost is reasonable. Disposable syringe $0.25 (box of 100), antiseptic swab $0.03 (box of 200), Trimix $1.58 (dose 0.1ml, $75 for 6ml + $20 courier delivery) total $AU1.86 - I could add for the sildenafil but I am using only what I would otherwise have thrown away - and it has a long shelf life. I load two syringes at a time and keep them in the fridge. The vial of trimix stays frozen and is only briefly (perhaps 1/2 hour) thawed to fill two more syringes and then it is frozen again.

Here in Aus the Dr cost me $86 for an appointment to get the script. He made it out with 5 repeats so that should satisfy the pharmacist for a while.

So, for those readers who are wondering ... there are some great results being had by some of us. To the rest of you who have put up useful posts - Thanks heaps!!!.

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Peter: Thanks for your's given me courage to try injections!

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