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Hi Epifreinds

Epilepsy South Africa have aet a new, free online community with Health Unlocked where people living with epilepsy and also family members or caregivers can share their experiences living or beign affected by epilepsy. Now we need you help to make it a success. We love you be be a community pioneer and share you expereince to make it valuable, supportvie and THE destination for orhers looking for information on epilepsy.

How to get involved?

Register here https://[Name].healthunlocked.com/join (the verication email can sometimes go to spam folders so check there if it does not appear in your inbox.

1. To write a blog, click on "Write a blog post."

2. To post a question, click on "Ask a question" on the home page. Do help to answer other people's questions with your own experience too.

3. Vote on our poll and add a comment to it.

I hope you'll join us in making the EpifriendSouthAfrica.healthunlocked communitysomething very special.

Thanks again,


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Registering was really easy. This seems like a great portal for people with similar health interests to come together and learn from the collective expereinces (much cheaper than my doctor too :-)!! Hope to see a lot of people making use of this!


Hope to have more personal contact with you and yes, registering was nice and easy. May the site continue to remain positive and find new members! Have a pleasant day and all the best for 2013!


Have also just registered and hope we can make a success of this! Will share on Facebook to try and find more to join. Everyone has different experiences, so send in your views and lets make it all work together!


What a wonderful resource! Thank you Epilepsy South Africa!


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