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SASSA - have to be unemployed?

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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well?

I have a question about SASSA support, the Disability Grant. I read the pamphlet and it doesn't actually say much, other than a doctor must certify your disability but it doesn't mention you have to be unemployed - so, can you be employed (like myself, struggling to make ends meet) and still apply?

Keen on hearing your thoughts.


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SASSA grants are subject to not only a medical assessment to determine disability status, but also a financial assessment. It would depend what you earn to determine if you qualify for a SASSA grant. Please visit your nearest SASSA office for assistance or call our tollfree number - 0860EPILEPSY.

Thank you, I eventually found out that I earn 'too much', even if it's borderline!

Hi, I am not sure you having issues with the SASSA I have applied last year in September and was approved with no hassles. What I know is that if you are employed you have to earn not more than R5000/R6000 per month and in that way you will qualify. I had my renewal done in march and again it was approved. I am not sure where you are based but I believe the rules are standard. you will be provided with a form By Sassa which your doctor has to fill in and again they will issue you with an affidavit that you will take to the police for commissioner stamp. and at the same time they will give you at date to come back on to see their doctor. For your first time they will require a letter from your doctor motivating why you should receive the playout. with me they first gave me a 6 month period and now it has been approved for a year and only after a year will I go back for reapplications if I still have the same problem. Trust that this will help.

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Yes, you can be employed and still qualify for a disability grant. A means test is applied to determine the amount you qualify for and this will consider your salary/wage. The nearest SASSA office will be able to assist you, but this will likely have to wait until after the lockdown.

Thank you everyone for your input, I really do appreciate it. :-)

It took me a long time to get a Disability Grant from SASSA. I was unemployed and still struggled due to the SASSA Assessment Doctor telling me to have a seizure in front of him to prove I was epileptic. I was also told that epilepsy is not a disability. I reported this to SASSA and was given the grant in due course.

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