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Epilepsy is something else

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You could be seizure free for a long time and then boom its back without a warning. I'm used to my epilepsy but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Not letting it get to me is the hard part. I guess epilepsy is a drug you can't forget about. We are warriors and nothing can change that

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Indeed. People with Epilepsy are warriors

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Amen to that

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So true :)

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Hi Retzy, I had absence seizures as a child. The were controlled pretty quickly but i took medication from the age of 12 to 21. I was seizure free for 40 years. I now have tonic clonic seizures. They have turned my life up side down.

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retzy in reply to D0ne

That's how they are. I was seizure free for a long time then the seizures came back and they became worse then before

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True warriors , every time you go to seizure that's when your brain goes off, and you would ask yourself what have I done , medication helps us to keep our brains lit all the time.. but limited. and we must constantly put that light on ....

certain people, environment, everything on the naked has an effect to a seizure...

I choose the music that I listen to and what I want to meditate on, I try by all means that I daily rejuvenate my mind, it is ou on button ....and when your mind is influenced the brain becomes subject to the mind

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So sorry to hear about your seizures. Have you identified what triggers them? Stay strong warrior

I have had epilepsy for 45 years and am a Warrior of note!

The longest I've been without a seizure is 15 months, but as said above, anything can happen. When it does one feels like giving up hope, but strength comes from within and somehow keeps us going!

I relocated last year, and to date have gone almost 14 months without a tonic clonic seizure!

I will never give up the fight!

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