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Celebrating Achievements Campaing

The Celebrating Achievements Campaign is now active. Tell the story of the obstacles you overcame, and the successes you achieved in addition to living with epilepsy, and your story will inspire the lives of many! Share your story here: epilepsy.org.za/celebrating...

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Hi there, this is a great initiative. Writing about one's own life is always an opportunity for some reflection. Hi great is it that you know that your own story of overcoming obstacles can actually motivate and inspire someone else!


I am inspired by the lessons I can learn from other people. Celebrating Achievements gives me access to those lessons.


It is nice to see people talking about achievements and celebrating successes! I look forward to reading the stories.


This is a very good idea. We can learn from people from all over the world.


I look forward to hearing others stories... we have all had our obstacles with our epilepsy, but it's amazing how just doing a story can can inspire others! I promise I'll write mine soon!


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