Human Rights Charter

Epilepsy South Africa is developing a Human Rights Charter for people with epilepsy. Please click on this link to view the draft human rights charter This document is intended to be a tool that can be used to understand and express your rights. Therefore it requires feedback from people with epilepsy to ensure its integrity and accuracy. Please take a moment to complete the survey to ensure the Charter effectively represents the views and needs of people with epilepsy. Your participation is appreciated. Please click on this link to view and complete the survey

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  • One of the largest problems for the victims of human rights violations is that we do not even know when our rights are being violated (apart from very obvious issues of abuse). There are so many times where people are empowered by human rights, but their lack of understanding and knowledge of these rights keeps them in the victim-cycle. Input unto the process above will be extremely valuable.

  • Survey has been completed prior to joining. This is a great tool to help others find the right direction for guidance and advice regarding human rights, however, often when rights are violated, one never knows which way to go due to panic sessions. It would be helpful if listings of Govt. Depts. and legal issues could be added to the Charter. Thank you!

  • It's up to us all to ensure that everybody has full access to their human rights! Any tool that can assist in minimizing human rights violations is a good one.

  • "All human beings, whatever their cultural or historical background, suffer when they are intimidated, imprisoned or tortured . . . We must, therefore, insist on a global consensus, not only on the need to respect human rights worldwide, but also on the definition of these rights . . . for it is the inherent nature of all human beings to yearn for freedom, equality and dignity, and they have an equal right to achieve that."

    -The Dalai Lama

  • Our organisation have received feedback to this important document and is in the process of designing the Human Rights Charter. Will keep you posted when distributing to public.