RE: New Friends and Epifriends on HealthUnlocked

RE: New Friends and Epifriends on HealthUnlocked

Hi Everyone,

Life with epilepsy isn't easy, but we can all share our likes, dislikes, blogs, messages and more if we communicate with each other more.

Those that are members, please all feel free to befriend me. Lets all join together to discuss the pros and cons of having epilepsy, and any other problems that epilepsy might impact on our lives.

There are approximately nineteen to twenty members now from going through the current Directory - sharing will help us all!

I look forward to hearing from others and wish you all the best for the festive season!

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  • Thanks for this great, positive post lesmal! It's been so nice to see all the posts and support on here so far, for such a new community. :)

  • Hi Lora, I hope we can get more people to share their trials and tribulations of living with epilepsy. After 39 years with epilepsy, I have learned to have patience, willpower and understanding, and with all three (3) aspects, this has given me the strength to accept my epilepsy, be independent and carry on with life! I hope others can learn to do the same!

  • That's very strong of you. I'm sure epilepsy has taught you more than you ever expected!!

  • My heart goes out to all that have epilepsy, many a lot worse off than I am! I have finally reached my one year seizure free and my journey now continues to reach a two-year period! Long may it last! Hope you are well and will keep in touch.

  • Wow u are just amazing ths group is like another home

  • Hi rebone101, Great to see you have found our group and joined in the conversation with us. Please feel free to ask questions, try and find answers and join our team. Great to have another new member to Health Unlocked... There are many others going down the same path, but together we can all be led in the right direction! Feel free to be-friend me on Facebook ( or visit my page ( for more! Have a wonderful day!

  • Anyone still wanting to make contact on Facebook feel free... Now 41 years with epilepsy but going strong... is the proper link! Email address:!

  • hello group, it is so great to have people to talk to who are going through similar challenges. I had mild seizures this morning and I was lucky that my partner was around. I last had them in February. I am glad I took the advise of living my life fully!!

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