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Is a better life possible?


My name is Johan and I have a brother with epilepsy. He was kind of diagnosed age 7. He turned 31 this year.

Why I’m writing you is because I’m fed up and really frustrated and in need of help.

My brother is even more frustrated because since he can remember he is getting seizures on a daily basis. The doctors can’t seem to get this under control.

You can imagine how this has impacted his life. He can’t life his life like a normal person. Because of epilepsy he stays indoor almost always. He didn’t finish school, he can’t drive a car not even a bicycle. He has multiple injuries caused by the seizures. In his face, body and even teeth.

The latest major injury he got was a few weeks ago. He was standing and fell on the back of his head. That now has affected his hearing and his head is still not healed.

I want to ask is there any info you can give for my brother to maybe get this seizures under control. Maybe a group or event who caters for people who lives with epilepsy.

Well at this stage I would accept any kind of assistance to help my brother live a better life.

I thank you.

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Hi - I'm sorry to hear about your brothers condition. He needs proper diagnosis by a neurologist. There are modern technologies that can help in significantly reducing seizures and of course surgery, if he is a possible candidate. I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but a very good epilepsy specialist is Dr James Butler and he sees patient's from all over the world.

It may be useful to get a telephone consultation with him first.021 797 2099. I am sure there are others of similar calibre but I am not familiar of them - he may be able to guide you better there.

All the best - regards Tim

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Thank you so much. I will contact the Dr. Im in Gauteng but distance is no matter.

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