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Peti-mal/Absence Seizures

Hi All,

My 8 year old son has been struggling at school (with a high level of anxiety) and his teacher has been complaining about his lack of focus and attention . He has also every month or so lately being complaining of unusual visual disturbances, I also noticed that one day he seemed disorientated and then slept for over 14 hours. He used to have febrile convulsions as a toddler (always associated with a fever) so an EEG was suggested, his EEG came back that he has Benign Epilepsy of Childhood. Seems he has been having loads of Absence Seizures, not noticible but meaning he has all these "black holes" in his day. He has been on Epilim (250mg twice a day ) for a week and there has been a dramatic improvement in his concentration, work completion and anxiety. He has been feeling a bit tired on the Epilim but we are hopeful that his body adjusts to it. I just thought I would log on to the forum , introduce myself and say hello.

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Hi Teelee, glad to hear your son is doing better at school, i.e. concentration, work completion and anxiety. I had several petit mal seizures in my earlier years of epilepsy, but regret now I suffer from Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) seizures. No matter what type of seizures are being experienced, rest and sleep are the best things needed in this regard. May he continue to get used to Epilim and continue to improve with everything at school. Being happy at school makes a great difference, especially as he spends most of his day in classes! All the best!


Hi Teelee, glad to hear that ur son is doing much better, my baby is also on Epilum and needed a couple of months to adjust, my paed added Keppra to that and she has been seizure free for almost a year. Please ensure that he is given his dosage at exactly the same time everyday as that has had a significant improvement to my daughters healing. I trust and pray that your son will be seizure free soon. All the best. Tracy


Hi Teelee - I am pleased to hear there has been an improvement with your son's concentration. Anxiety and Stress are some of the triggers for seizures and it takes time to understand ones own condition and accept it. If he has the ability of putting the worry of having the next seizure behind him, the anxiety and stress issue may reduce. He is still young and must enjoy his schooling and being an eight year old as his peers do. Managing his condition well by taking medications when required may help make him less susceptable to seizures. If he has not yet been to a neurologist, I would advise that he sees one. Epilim may be ideal for him now, yet may make him tired, but as he develops, his doctor / neurologist may decide to change other medications, which may have fewer side effects. It all depends on what is most suitable for him. I have trialed on a number of medications types over the years since diagnosed in 1972, but found the best suited one for me in Jan 1994 - I have been on the same meds and dose since. I guess it took loger back then as medical technology then is not what it is today.

On another note, if the meds make him tired or have a slowing effect on him, it may be advisable to request a certificate from your medical professional in order for your son to be granted extra time in tests an exams.




Thanks all - I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions! Yes he is seeing a Neurologist and we will have a follow-up after a month to access how things are on Epilim. And yes one of biggest challenges for me is to be sure he is safe but not let my fears cramp his style! Climbing trees, cycling, swimming and all the joys of being an 8year old!!(thus the Kangaroo profile pic!)



ek nie seker watse tipe epilepsie ek kry nie wil graag die medi alert arm baaintjie kry. al wat ek weet is ek begin bewe erg dan voel my keel tong env snaaks dan val ek. die dokter het in 1992 gese iets met flikkerende brein iets. vandat ek val weet ek gewoonlik dit volgene paar ure niks nie kan niks onthou nie behalwe dit wat mense my vertel. hoe gaan ek weet watse tipe epilepsy ek kry. enige flikkerende voorwerpe env laik ek nie bestuur gewoonlik met donker brille aan ook vir die bome wat kan flikker tussen die son deur. ek is al amper 5mnd op die epilem sien die dokter end januarie weer. dissen die 3 wat ek al gehaat het is so 11jr verkil.

groete elsabe


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