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Epilepsy conditioned Life is a special Life

Epilepsy conditioned Life is a special Life

It is so amazing how are was born as my mother had told me , the doctors predicted that when I reach teenage years something will happen that might affect my brain negatively. Ok.

"But It came to be a positive charge on a later stage "

At my 12th year I had a very violent seizure, that I foamed and bled - it was hard for my family to believe , "apparently I was the first one to have conducted electricity without any cable connection but using my mind " Lol

At high school I never did well, I completed my grade 12 without difficulty and "my writing was out of this world" I went to tertiary later in my life but never finished.

I'm now studying a different course

It was difficult to get through certain things because of the type of life I lived, Socially,

finding a Job it became a hustle, sometimes I had to hide the name I was attached to: ie Epilepsy - I was ashamed to mention it, ashamed of my self

I learned a lot through this challeges

It took a while for me to realize that I had different life; purposeful life, a life of greatness.

Epileptics are special people with amazing characters , and I hope that all who are conditioned with it can realize how great they are and the difference they can impact in the society

We must check the type of people we hang around with (are they making you better or bitter, taking you to a next seizure) and the places we often visit on daily basis; and the music we listen to must be different "like Classic music"

Our level of association must be different, our attitude towards life and towards ourselves and getting around positive people was the best thing I've ever done, people who can take you to the next level mentally. "It all starts with the mind the mind"

"we are not born for every one and not every one is born for us" we are a peculiar nation.

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Thanks for sharing such a wonderful perceptive, I read your post with my nephew and such stories give us hope, and keep us positive. I liked this line more - "apparently I was the first one to have conducted electricity without any cable connection but using my mind " Lol... I appreciate the humor in it, it turns what is seemingly scary to appear normal and manageable. Thanks


Pleasure Sase, I've' enjoyed this jurney '"ey", it was tough and inspirational at the same time, I know Epileptics who are incapacitated because their families never took time to learn and massively act on getting help... I really appreciate what you are doing ...keep it up... and one day I hope to meet him and be one of his "positive charge" influences

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Emzin, I have had epilepsy for 44 years now! I am now 60 years of age. As you say, we must remain positive and keep in touch with positive people... I have terrible memories of bullying at school etc., but at the age of 16 had to accept my epilepsy, be strong willed, independent and carry on with life. I run a page on Facebook which you are welcome to view... Should you want the link please contact me. I am also in many groups which helps get everyone together to find out more information about the subject. Keep smiling!


That's Wonderful, as birds of the same feather; we must flock to together guys, share ideas ,experiences and information

Let us put our light on top were everyone will see it and keep learning and educating ourselves


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