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Single mother of a innocent, beautiful, struggling emotionally daughter with Epilepsy.

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She was Diagnosed in 2011 when she was 10.

The Red Cross did an amazing job, Dr Riordan has always been understanding and considerate. Dr Nico Enslin and Prof Fieggen did two brain operations. The first one lasted 3 months before seizures came back, 2nd operation Dr Enslin pushed for as he told me her type of Epilepsy has a high risk of sudden death when patients are older, and the 2nd op lasted 2 years. Up until last week.

I just got her back, because they removed part of or most of her front temporal lobe it effected her mood, her memory, her speech and her confidence.

She started talking more, getting her confidence back, being more active....then the bomb fell. I could see the disappointment and hurt in her eyes when I had to tell her the seizures came back again.

Staying positive is so very difficult. As I know I have a long road ahead of me again. This time at Groote Schuur Hospital as she is too old for the Red Cross.

They are however doing a Sleep EEG at the Red Cross before referring us to GSH.

This is why I contacted Epilepsy SA, as I just cant. I have to work, I have to stay positive, I have to be there for my daughter as I am all she has. I however am broken.

8 Replies
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Good morning

It is clear that you are having such a tough time and would benefit from some emotional support. You indicate that you contacted Epilepsy SA. Are you seeing one of our social workers to help you? If not, simply call 0860EPILEPSY to connect to the Branch closest to you.

We wish you strength!

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Motivated_mother in reply to EpilepsySA

Good day African.

I had a email on Tuesday saying someone would have called me yesterday but never received a call.

Mandisa Patala.

I will reply to her email.

Thank you for the reply, yes it has been tough and now knowing another road lays ahead for the two of us makes me a little depressed to tell you the truth but I try and stay positive for my daughter.

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elwiedhe in reply to Motivated_mother

hi, where do you stay? I would like to meet up with you. Same problem.....but I have severe anxiety. Im in Cape Town (Brackenfell)

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Motivated_mother in reply to elwiedhe

Hi Elwiedhe,

Its not me, its my daughter. We are on the West Coast.

I have had epilepsy now for 45 years and am in many groups on Facebook which share advice and offer emotional support. Feel free to message me.

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Good day

I live in a rural area in Botswana and the young man I am trying to help is a local Botswanan. He has uncontrollable epilepsy and keeps being taken to the church to chase away the demons! I met him a few years ago and unfortunately there is nothing I can do but assure him he hasn’t got demons just an over active brain. That’s why I was enquiry if tha drops have been tried without danger to him.

Thank you

in reply to Tonapo2018

Hi there is no way he has demons and he must believe that also! He must understand also there is no cure for Epilepsy. He is welcome to message me or maybe what's app me if he needs to talk to anyone. God bless.

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My heart thoughts and prayers goes to you and family . My God be with your daughter.

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