Epilepsy South Africa

What I have experienced

I was taken up at Constantiaberg Medi Clinic on the 15th Feb 2017 and was actually today the 27 March said that I can go home again :-D I was helped there by Dr. James Butler and Dr. Melvill. I had Epilepsy and they gave me two surgeries to get me to be healed from it and everything was available via the help of God.

I am so so so sort of happy and wish I could show you guys how wonderful they have helped me.

In February when I was there they were busy helping a child that couldn't walk, go to toilet, talk, eat and so many other stuff. When saw it again that child was in aboit a weeks time available to start to do things the child couldn't in the past.

Every day when I was there I saw new stuff new people and so many ways they helped someone. Every time they also told the people/patients the real story on everything and helped them. I once saw a child that got epilepsy seizures 40 times a DAY. They were able to get child's epilepsy to be 80% less then it was ever before. They couldn't remove all of it because some of it was in to deep her brain.

I just can't tell you guys how many stuff I have seen and heard there how they were able to help someone because there are just to much :-D

If I could show you all what I have seen you will then see how good they are and how they really want to help :-D

Hope I could have tell something good because I am still so great full that my words gets confused :-D

Great day for you all


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