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Epilepsy and Court appearances

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Hi, I was charged with rape that I did not commit on the 16th of August 2019, people I stayed with at that time, were afraid that I would infect them with Epilepsy. They did not use the same utensils that I used, food was hidden away from me and no one dared to help me during seizures.

When their treatment could not make me leave, they accused me of raping an 11 yrs old girl in the same house. I am attending a court case at the moment and its very stressful, I can't cope anymore and I have a constant suicidal thoughts. I really need help

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Hey Malebonelo, I really feel for you - particularly that you feel that there is no way out other than to commit suicide. I don't know how you are feeling, but I have some resources that might help you.

I'm also from Bloemfontein (although I don't live there anymore). There is (used to be?) a place called "The Befrienders" (maybe if you look on the internet you can find them) that are in Klerck avenue (near where St Michael's school is).

Other than that, I encourage you to make contact with the South African Depression and Anxiety group (sadag.org/) they have the following telephone numbers that are on the right of the webpage - even if it's to talk to someone.

Then there's LifeLine (lifelinesa.co.za/) which is also very helpful 24/7.

Lastly, I think UFS has a counselling programme for students training to be psychologists, although I'm not sure - you might have to go to the psychology department for more information. EPOG, I think. Near the Thakaneng Bridge.

I wish you much encouragement and all of the best - I'm hopeful that the police/NPA will discover your innocence in a fair hearing in open court.

I hope you feel better soon, although from personal experience it can be a long process, I've suffered with suicide for all of my adult life; it does get better, promise.

Thank you for your encouragement and wise words my dear friend. I am trying my best to stay positive. I contacted psychologists in National Hospital in Bloemfontein and I have an appointment with the soon.

God bless you and make you stronger. We are all in this together.

Hi Malebonelo that's said to hear but I don't think that a sorber judge need to have a clinical review on health status first. Furthermore the procecutar which be very decisive on all matters placed before him balancing the true facts from the clinical review done by the drs.

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malebonelo in reply to Jacky_M

Thank you very much, its always refreshing to hear there are people supporting and understanding this difficult journey. Thank you

Don’t give up my brother, what you are going through now is really difficult, as they have advised you my fellow members, just take the advices and see where they lead you. Most importantly never give up on prayer.

Stay strong even if you don’t see the way, faith shall pull you through.

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malebonelo in reply to AtiSindz

Thank you very much, I appreciate it, stay strong as well . as for me I take Epilim and Carbamazepine ( Degranol) they are not really helping but I hope I will get a balanced dose one day.

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