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First time epileptic

Hi guys,

My name is Ashlee, I'm 29 years old and have been diagnosed with epilepsy last month. I'm finding it very scary considering that I was a fine and healthy person before this.

My neurologist advised that I need to try and figure out my triggers, due to the fact that every person is different.

I work for Standard Bank and today at a meeting, I started to get all these weird feeling and then next thing I know, my neck is really stiff etc. I have the feeling like I'm losing control of myself, luckily I left the meeting and came to my desk and decided to come home.

But I could feel the effects of wanting to fall down if that makes sense. I started with 25 mg a day of Epitect for 2 weeks and then 50 mg for another 2 weeks, split for the morning 25 mg and afternoon 25 mg.

After still not feeling good, I started this week Monday with 50 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening.

I'm really scared and I know that I shouldn't drive, but I don't have a choice.

The feeling which I get is really weird to explain, but its like I'm losing control of myself and this scares me and at the same time I don't want my boss and colleagues to think that I don't want to work and always be at home. I do work from home.

But this is all new to me and I'm really scared guys. Any words of advice would be great. Are there other people who use Epitec and what are the results etc.

The weird thing is that, when I'm at home I don't feel this way.....



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I'm sure it is frightening to be diagnosed with epilepsy. Have you considered looking for a support group in your area? There should be a disability organization (maybe even one that works specifically with people epilepsy) in your area. Participation may be helpful for you discuss your concerns and also learn from other people with the condition. You will continue to live a happy and productive, just like anybody else your age, but talking to others who share your experience may help you cope with the requirements of taking medication and "listening" to your body when you think you may have a seizure. Definitely talk to your doctor and consider learning more about the laws about driving with epilepsy in your area.



I have at least 40 years experience with epilepsy. There is nothing to be afraid of. Epilepsy is a syndrome that shows itself differently in/with every individual. It is easier for you and those near you that they know about your condition, they can watch out so you do not hurt yourself if you fall. I know that it took 24 hours for me to recover from a seizure. I do not know this medicine you name. Trust the neurologists and notice what effect it has on you. Write it down. This feeling you get is probably a warning, your body telling you that there is a seizure coming. This weird feeling you get...does it start in your stomach and you feel like there is something wanting to come up maybe even up all the way to your head?.

Learn to know your epilepsy and find someone you can talk to about how you feel, maybe there is a epilepsy group near you. This is my experience it is often enough to find a person that can listen. You do not need a person who gives you a lot of advice.

All the best to you



Please call our share call number 0860 374537 and you will be transferred to the nearest Epilepsy South Africa Branch in your area. It helps to living positively with epilepsy if you know more about epilepsy and also speak to people that have epilepsy like on this platform and also joining support groups in your area.


Thank you to everybody that has replied to me. I really appreciate it. I will take all of you guys advice and know that god is in control.


Hi Ashlee, my baby was diagnosed with seizures at the age of two, she is now five, i know its a very scary thing to go through and i hear that its very common. My baby went for a MRI which was all clear. Her EEG however shows signs of epilepsy. She is currently on treatment. Hang in there and pray that the treatment helps. Good luck and all the best.


Thanks Luann, I appreciate you replying to me. I am being strong and trusting that god will walk with me, as I carry on this journey of life. Thank you again Luann


Ashlee, I have had epilepsy for 39 years, which started mainly due to stress and hormonal changes. It has been a long journey, but if you need friendship or someone to communicate with please feel free to contact me on Facebook. There are several people worldwide with epilepsy, there are many groups for you to partake in and through this, you may find more information and knowledge. Please be positive... Life goes on... and we are all here to share. Please ensure you are under a Neurologist whilst you are going through these symptons. All the best!


Hi yes I was diagnosed when I was 21... I am now 32

This feeling you speak off happens to me where I lose control of my left arm for half a minute or so.

I am on Rivotrol, Epilum 1300mg per day and on Prozac...

I get this when I am anxious

Hang in there man...It is depressing...I know.


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