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Swelly belly solutions anyone?

Hi Ladies,

I am fully aware that a swollen belly is a prime sign of endo although gps pass it off as IBS - PAH! Usually I experience this on a daily basis once I have driven and/or walked more than I should, usually once i've had a sleep or put my feet up for a couple of hours it reduces to being normal. However, for the past three days mine has stayed big and round with no signs of reducing from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed. I know I am clutching at straws here but has anyone found anything that helps reduce it even slightly? I have become very self aware of it protruding and now live every day in dresses rather than trousers. Don't get me wrong I love my pretty dresses but sometimes i'm that tender pj trousers are too much and I wear size 12 pjs's for bagginess. I know I should see it as a "war wound" and evidence of my daily fight but I am a size 8 petite 5 ft 3 person who looks like I am at advanced stages of pregnancy and ready to drop which in itself is quite depressing when insensitive people pass comments like "at least you know how you would look if you were lucky enough to fall pregnant", my response - sarcastic *thumbs up* cheers!

Anyway, I have tried things like buscopan, warm drinks, hot water bottle and even fruit. Without too much info I am going regular to the toilet although it hurts - I have endo on my bowel. I had a bath last night which helped relax me but that seemed to make it swell more??

I know I am due on anytime over the weekend or early next week, i don't want to have to wait until that finishes over a week away for this to go down. I will be bed bound as it is without being self conscious every time I need to leave my home. My skin feels too tight, It hurts and its just uncomfortable.

Any suggestions welcome :-)

Sorry, that turned into quite the moan! I only intended to ask a simple question haha!

Thank you ladies,



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Hi Jodie

Have you tried to quit wheat/gluten? It helps a lot with bloating and pain and it is one of the first things to avoid according to endo diet.


Jo xx


Hi Jojo

I have been following the endo diet for around 8months, and boy what a difference it has made :-) I have the Caroline Levett green endo book and also use the Endo-resolved diet page as a guide, I have the list printed up haha! Although I was by no means over weight I still lost a stone, i've never been under 9stone before but I am now 8stone 9, 8stone 11 at my heaviest which isn't a great fluctuation at all. Unfortunately though it doesn't seem to be making any difference at the moment. I admit I did have a curry at the weekend but a girl is allowed a break every now and then surely? I do think its down me being due on, a time where I am quite strict on my food intake to make sure I am only providing my body with the right things to help it function but i still look like buddha.

i am a bit of a research freak and so I am always trying new things out to aid my suffering. Since doing the diet I have really learned what foods affect me and those things that can help in their own ways. Usually, a piece of fruit like a satsuma can help me feel a light release from the swelling but so far no good :-(

I'd recommend the diet to anyone. Any other ideas hun on helping this go down? xx


This is a tricky one then, since you follow the diet already. Do you afford seeing a endo/fertility nutritionist? They always know which e.g. vegetables etc make bloating worse/better. Maybe they could help.

I'll see someone in a few weeks time in London, she is an expert in endo/fertility nutrition. I think its worth the money though as I really need strong guidance. I dont drink caffeine, alcohol, in gluten free diet since last year, but still I need someone to push me in the right direction.

Sorry if I cant help more about this x


Hmm, I'd not looked at it from the angle that some veg can make it worse. I don't eat any kind of potato although I read somewhere that we can eat sweet potato, I still don't. I still to anything that is a rich green. I couldn't afford a specialist nutritionalist although I would love to see one. If the person in London is any good would you be able to ping over her details so I can keep a record for when my financial situation is a little greater? I was in a car crash last year and however sad this is I would use the compensation money to pay to see the best.

Knowing that you are openly trying to suggest new things and are there for moral support is help in itself, thank you :-) I do appreciate it.



I'm so sorry you got through this, and I'm glad you recovered and its nothing more serious. I'm seeing her in 12th May and I promise I'll message you with what she said and all information she gave me. And if she is so good as they say I'll give you her details too in case you want to visit her in the future.

It is the least I can do to help. :))

Take care xx


Thats brilliant, thank you Jojo, I do hope she proves brilliant :-)

I have just popped out to boots to get some peppermint oil, I don't have any issues at the moment with my bowels but I will give anything a go. I'm also borrowing my Dad's tens machine to see if that helps so fingers crossed they help, if not thats another two experiments crossed off the list.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!

All the best



Peppermint oil is excellent for bloating, you can also get peppermint oil capsules in Holland and Barrett, not too expensive. I also drink peppermint tea and both helps with bloating. I'm also following an endo diet and only feel it slightly reduces the bloating.. I have however noticed that sugar makes my belly bloat as does stress so I'm trying to meditate or take deep breaths when I'm really bloated. Not sure if it helps, yours could not be stress related.

Take care



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