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Weight grr how to shift it

Hey Ladies

Hope you are all well.

Only just over a week till my Lap yay I am sooooo excited I cannot explain how I feel right now, obviously things are still poo with the work department but trying not to let that get me down, this time next week I will only have 2 days to go. Have my pre op next week.

So I have been thinking about after the op and after I am recovered, the main thing I want to do is lose weight, so I have gone from a size 6-8 and a healthy 7-8 stone last year to now nearly over 10 stone and a size 12-14 and it is really starting to get me down.

I struggle to exercise because I am in so much pain so trying to lose this weight is so hard.

I was wondering if any of you guys have had success losing weight and how you did it?


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Me too :( but much larger than you. x hugs x


i've lost 5 1/2stone in last 12 months, doing slimming world, i managed to increase my walking daily, even though i'm in pain i find it doesn't make the pain any worse, although there are just days that i can't as am in labour pain, but most of the time i managed it, i also did a couple of aqua sessions too - had my lap 4 weeks ago and am struggling to get back into exercise but am trying to build up on my walking again, i think i tried too soon after the lap to get back to it, and expected too much of myself so i have probably prolonged my recovery - it really that old cliche of healthy eating/lifestyle, after 25+ years of dieting and my weight yo-yo ing, this last 12 months has been my longest commitment to weight loss, and i think i finally get it, i've done every diet out there, and the quick weight loss ones like cambridge or slim fast, just make you gain weight back once you start normal eating, slimming world has been the most 'normal' eating plan i've done - good luck, any questions just ask :) xx


I have lost 10lbs in 10 weeks with weight watchers, walking for an hour a day has helped 3 miles. It is really hard with endo and some weeks I havnt lost or stayed the same as in too much pain to move or diet but due hysterectomy soon and hrt so v worried about more weight gain (size 18)! It has helped hone my mindset! Good luck. Xxx


I lost 1 1/2 stone with the endo diet and kept it off. That was 2 years ago. It's great for the bloating & pains we get too. It's all so natural, it would be hard to gain weight on it. in fact, at one point I was told by several I'd got too thin so had to make my dinners bigger. I'm prone to putting on weight easy but this has really helped me. I still eat lots but of the right stuff. I don't excersice at the moment as I can't.

I hope you find something that works for you.

Good luck.



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