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Laparoscopy date


Hello everyone. I have been reading all these blogs and they have been so helpful. Thank you. My story ... Please comment if you have any information.

I'm 19 and started experiencing pain last year in my lower abdomen - pelvis - tummy and vagina. The pain has been getting alot worse I paid for a private scan which showed a hemeragic cyst on my ovary. I then saw a private consultant who recommend a laparoscopy however I had to go back with the NHS since then I have had 3 more scans and diagnosed with multi cystic ovaries ( never heard of this myself apparently like PCOS ) however I had hardly no symptoms. I was also told my eggs arent being released at all whixh os causing the cysts and the pain. I got placed on the microgyon 30 pill which made me very poorly so came off it. Then about a month ago I had the most worse pain it was sharp and took my breath away - caused my hot flushes and thought I was going to be sick. I took strong pain relief that night and managed to get to sleep. Next day I woke up still in pain and went to the toilet and something sort of fell out it was fatty and white with dark blood and purple it was about the size and width of a thumb. Then more followed I was very scared so didn't think to keep it. I went to the doctors that day and he told me it was a missed misscarriage I am very reluctant to believe this as the chances are so slim and me and my boyfriend are very careful! Then I had the largest blood clots. My doctor spoke to my consultant and I had app. Within two weeks. I saw him on Wednesday and said he would like to do a laparoscopy as I have nearly all of the symptoms for Endometrios. I have been booked in for the 9th may.

Very scared..... Any advice?

Thank you for taking your time to read this x

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hey....first thing that jumped out at me was the tissue your losing...i get this alot and its like you explained....fatty..looking purple blobby thing...i absolutely crapped my self wen i first lost was horrible i literally feel it coming away...i was told by my gp and consultant that this was endometreal tissue and its just one of the little side affect of not saying you dint lose a baby...but just that there could be another explanation for only just 26 and have been diagnosed for a year after i was egnored...finally had a scan showed a dermoid cyst curled round my ovary and fellopian...lost them...during op..was diagnosed with endo..couldnt have it all removed due to the amount.....wen you have the lap...u should know a lttle bit more...xxxx

I am sorry but it certainly does sound like a miscarriage to me, your description is just as my sister described it. She went through 5 of them in succession, followed by one which didn't come out without help.

As for the lap- you will have a pre-op appointment usually with a staff nurse who has a booklet of questions to ask you about your symptoms, medical history, she'll weigh you measure you for surgical stockings which you wear for the operation itself and few days after to prevent deep vein thrombosis in the legs.

And at that meeting you have the chance to ask any questions. It's a lengthy and thorough meeting.

You might get asked to take a self injecting blood thinner the night before the op. If you don't know what you're doing, probably best to opt to pop in to the gynae ward and have that administered by a professional. It does smart quite a bit and is given in the thigh.

Preparation for the op itself is to make sure you and your home are ready for your return from hospital.

Have sanitary towels in stock you can't use tampons for a while if there was any work done or biopsies taken and you might be bleeding post op down below for a few days.

Have painkillers to hand, make sure the laundry is done and ironed, food bought and in the fridge/freezer. You won't be able to stand for too long at first so cooking and washing up are not going to be high on your list of achievable activities.

If you have a big enough bathroom, and can put a small stepladder or chair next to the loo to act as support when you need to get down on to to the loo and get back up again, then great, you'll need it. Also have a rolled up towel or decent size cushion near the loo to push in to your tummy when you need to go to the loo. It can help when your muscles are not yet recovered or are too sore to 'push'.

Have a bath the night before or morning of the op, and wash your hair (it might be several days or a couple of weeks even before you can face doing that again)

No need to shave legs or anything as you'll be wearing surgical stockings and (a) they keep you warm and (b) you keep them on all the time you are in hosp and a few days after getting home and (c) they are a snug fit.

They do not have toes on them, so take a really nice pair of brightly coloured sox. It's the only bit of your own stuff you can wear all the time in hosp.

Dressing gown, rubber soled slippers, and loose waisted clothes to wear when you come home. It you wer jeans you won't be able to do them up after the op from the swelling never mind the soreness. You'll be in hospital paper knickers for at least a day or two.

Pack a bag for hosp with wetwipes to clean up yourself, food spillages, stains from surgical disinfectant etc. Take a carrierbag to put your rubbish in and used wetwipes to put in the ward bin at the end of your stay. Saves you having to get up too often to clean up after yourself. If you have an ipod or anything like that, leave it with who ever is visiting you to bring in after the operation, when you are well enough to look out for it, before then you will be too groggy and won't likely notice if another person has managed to snaffle it.

Also something to read or do while in bed if you're up to it.

Leave valuables at home. You can take a watch, but can't wear it for the op.

Clean off all your toe and nail polish. You can wear clear polish if you wish, but to be honest probably not worth bothering with. The surgical team need to be able to see the colour of your skin through your nails during the op to check your circulation is working and you're not turning blue for example, an NO makeup for the same reason.

If you have long hair and clip it up, then use a scrunchy instead, no metal hair clips or earrings or any other piercings allowed so you and the surgical team dont get electricuted by your metal work arcing with the equipment in the theatre.

the hosp will keep you in till you have shown that your bladder is working again, so don't hold back if you need to go to the loo, they are hoping you will, so you can be sent home.

Now the worst part by far from the op is the gas they pump in to your stomach to blow it up like a balloon so they can have a good rummage round. Much of this gas does get released through your holes at the end of the op before they glue or stich you up, but always some is left in you and when it gets trapped wowzers it can hurt.

It moves around and usually ends up really hurting your shoulders . There is only one cure, you have to fart or burp it out of you as quickly as you possibly can. That can take a day or more to do. Don't be shy, every single surgery patient on the ward that has had tummy surgery will be in the same boat as you. The nursing staff expect you to do everything to get it out of your system to don't fret about being shy at times like this, You have to do what it takes to be rid of it.

Use wetwipes to clean up the dye round your wounds and stop it staining your own clothes when you come to put them on. If you do get stain on them, shove them in the wash as soon as you get home. Don't wear your best outfit, this is not a party you're going to. Scruffy old comfy clothes is best.

If you are in overnight, you'll be woken every hour to have your blood pressure checked it is very annoying if you are trying to sleep but they have to do it.

Take snack with you too, you might not have come round when the leals are served and having starved yourself from the night before the op, you will be hungry, so hve pringles or chocky bars or whatever your fave snacks are, on hand to nibble if you've missed dinner.

Exercise if vital to recovery, and staving off blood clots, but by that i mean getting our of bed and walking to the nurses station and back to bed or to the loo door and bck to bed again. Every hour or two if possible. You might have a drip to carry with you, but you should still try and keep active as much as you can bear, even though it will hurt.

Same when you get home. nothing major, just pottering around the house is fine, but don't stay in bed all day. The more you are keeping moving the better for your bowels and your circulation.

Depending on what you had done during the op, recover times vary a lot. Probably 3 weeks is best for minor work anything up to a couple of months for more major work, like lasering of endo etc.

You can decide in advance how much you want the surgeon to do. Would you be willing to sacrifice an ovary or a fallopian tube for example if they are riddled with endo

do you want all the adhesions cut back if you have them.

If sex is painful do you want adhesions round the cervix cut away if they can be.

Adhesions are scar tissue and will regrow, and each surgery does encourage more of them, but you still need them cutting back if safe and possible to do so if they are causing you discomfort pain or gluing your organs together.

If you're not ready to have a family yet, do you want them to insert a mirena coil in to the uterus while under generl anaesthetic. It is the very best time to have this done if your thinking about it, both in terms of a contraception but more importantly to hopefully stop your periods and endo from playing up. It does tke a 5 month or so wait for most ladies before the mirena gets to work but it could work for up to 5 years of help with periods and endo if you're lucky.

It doesn't suit everyone, but is certainly worth trying and it can be pulled out by a nurse if you decide it doesn't suit you or you want to start trying to conceive.

But if you want to give the mirena a go, then tell the hosp in advance of the op, so it can be on hand ready to be installed in the op.

basically prepare in advance, for when you get home, don't worry about the op itself, the worst bit is the gas pains afterwards and they can be shifted. Pains from the work you have done inside will be manageable with painkillers, so long as you don't let the painrelief wear off before taking the next dose. Keep on top of the pain relief. Take it very easy, don't over do it afterwards but equally don't not do anything. keep pottering around the house as much as possible. Have lots of books to read or DVDs to watch, have craft hobbies to do, thinks that don't take too much effort but keep you occupied while you allow your body to heal.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for this post. I just got my date for my lap and although I've had one about 12 years ago I seem to of blocked out the memory of what it was like afterwards. All I remember is the shoulder pain and the delightful walk from the bed to the toilet that first-time!

It's been really nice to read exactly what I need to do to prepare and also to show the hubby so that he can be prepared as well.

What Impatient has said is brilliant. The only thing I would say is you might not have to wear surgical stockings - I didn't for either of my gynie ops, and neither did my mum when she had major surgery. I was just monitored for blood pressure for about 4 hours after the op and then when I asked if they could leave me alone they said it was fine as I was doing well.

The only thing i would add is to get something like senokot, or even plums, and have them ready for when you get home. The anaesthetic and painkillers can make you very very constipated. Don't be surprised if it's a few days before you get "moving" in that department, but keep with your fluids and fruit and veg and things will be fine.

My top tip tho is extra strong mints - they help with if you feel sick after the op and help with trapped gas (as does peppermint cordial and peppermint tea).

Good luck honey. I felt a million times better within a few days, but it was a week before I left the house for the first time and 3 weeks before I drove or went to work, but a lot of it depends what work you have done x

Just want to say i have my lap on 9th may too! Good luck. However my pre op was over the phone last week apprix 20mins and im in for day surgery so all being well ill be home for tea!! I guess wach area/hospital is different.

I remember from (complety unrelated to endo & at a diff hosp) that the gas is the worst part! I did also bleed alit for a few days.

Good luck again, sounds like im on the same part of the jpurney as you so if you want to chat feel free to msg me xx

Thank you everyone for your support! So nice there is other people I can talk to who can really relate!

The tips are great and I shall be using them :) my mum is going to look after me for the days after. I'm hoping to go back to work on Monday so I will have 4 days to recover!

Claire good luck for your op ! Is it your first lap? Where abouts do you live?

I'm having my first lap this Wednesday 1st. Scared in a way but hoping they finally find out what's wrong! The symptoms people have out on here sound just like me, I've been told I have everything from ibs to infections but seems they like to rule stuff out before they offer you surgery to look!! It's been 15m of agony now and it's starting to affect my job!!

Just wondering if anyone else has severe bloating? I look bout 6m prefers but am not!!

Thanks in advance. X

Laurenb19 in reply to Kezzywezzy


Good luck for the 1st mine is on the 9th please let me know how yours goes! Yes I have the symptoms too but I read a few people on here who had the lap but nothing was found that scares me :(

Mine is affecting my work too! What dose your boss say?

I'm only bloated after eating like my tummy just goes round but that's a new thing for me only been happening the last month also but been poorly now for 6 months

Good luck x

Kezzywezzy in reply to Laurenb19

Thanks Lauren. I will let you know. I'm only 26 so all pretty scary!

I've heard of people who had nothing found too but then the cysts bursts or something like that!! I want them to find out what's wrong so badly!!

My boss has been very understanding. I'm a nanny and had half a day off last week because of the pain.

I don't think people understand when I mention the pain! I can't drive it's that bad sometimes, or even get out of bed!!

My bloating is constant and has steadily got bigger. It's the pain in my leg that awful aswel.

Good luck for the 9th. I will check back in before then with any tips!!

Whereabouts are you I'm in Herts x

I'm 19 so I understand you completely, I had 'something' come out and I'm terrified :(

Yes the pain can be so bad I feel I will pass out then it will go and come back! It's not how women should be living! Did they find anything on your scans?

Getting bloated more and more is definately not right. I hope they find out what is wrong least then they can treat it.

Yes please keep me updated!

I'm from Leicester x

Kezzywezzy in reply to Laurenb19

I'm glad I've found someone else so young! I think I know what you mean about something coming out its gross!!

All my scans have been clear. Only thing that is raised is esr levels on my bloods so far. But it's my understanding endo can only been found by looking, so time will tell!!

Ill let you know how it goes Wednesday x

Hi Lauren,

They found endometriosis on the utersacral ligament, not bad enough for laser but will be treated with pill n pain relief! Basically what I've been doing for 18m but still bothers me!!

Took biopsy of bladder and that was inflamed but could just be an infection- results in 2 weeks.

My cervix is also inflamed because of ectropion. Might have to have this lasered at some point. Actually explains why smear is so painful!!

Glad they found what's wrong and it explains the pain. Know just to get treatment so I can live half normal!!

Ps: soz for over share x x

Laurenb19 in reply to Kezzywezzy

Hi Kezzy!

I'm so glad it went well! Are you happy to know what you are dealing with

Now? I'm worried they will look into mine and not find anything - cause people have been putting on here recently nothing has been found :(

How was the anesthic? Are you in alot of pain?

Mine is on Thursday so 2 more sleeps getting really scared now ;(

Will they monitor to see if the endo gets worse?

Lauren xx

Hi Lauren,

Yeah that was my main concern too, I felt like a fraud for ages. I'm glad they found what's wrong but slightly annoying its not curable. People don't realise how debilitating it is!!

The anathestic wasn't that bad actually and I came round pretty quick and not too groggy. What I will say is to drink until your fasting begins as I didn't drink anything in the morning and paid for it! The shunt in my hand weren't painful until the anathestic went in! I was so dehydrate that my veins were shutting down!! But saying that it only hurt for a few mins as the next thing I knew I was awake in recovery!! Lol!!

I think the anticipation is far worse than the actual experience in hospital!! The waiting around for 3 hours prior to surgery was probably the worst part. I did have a lovely lady next to me which did help so hopefully you'll be as lucky.

The pain after surgery wasn't too bad but then I'd been given morphine etc and was allowe to leave after 1 1/2 hours(it's different for everyone obviously)

The first time I peed really hurt but then I'd biopsies and cystoscopy and still does hurt. I was very tired when I got home and crashed out. The next morning I was in a lot of pain, tired and grouchy! The pain has eased slightly but the endo pain is back with avengance! Will just have to wait for my body to heal!

My tips for hospital would be to drink right up until you can, take pads with you as the ones they have me were like nappies!! So glad I had my own!! Wear loose clothing afterwards as you'll probs be bloated! I wore my pjs home so I didn't have to change again!! And I didn't care!!

Also I forgot to mention the pain from the air!! Been agony until today in my shoulders!! Walking has helped, just gentle walks as you'll be tired. And also the drugs they have me and the anathestic bunged me up for a good 6 days!! Think the whole procedure has just slowed my body down!!

But the best thing to do is rest!!

I know it's easy for me to say now but you'll honestly be fine!! I'm the biggest worrier and stresser ever!!! I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't hurt afterwards because it does so be prepared for lots of rest and rubbish tv!!

Hopefully they'll find what's wrong and if they rule out endo it'll be one less thing to look for but don't stress until you know the outcome!! It does no good!! I've been diagnosed with uti and ibs in my 18m of waiting for them to find something but you'll get there in the end!!

Honestly you'll be fine, let us know how it goes or if you have anymore questions ill be happy to answer them if I can!! I know how scared and alone you'll be feeling right now but don't be we're all here to help each other!!

Good luck for thurs xx

I am glad everything went so smoothly i am hoping mine will be similar!

Do they give you pain killers to take home?

Okay apparently its 12am the night before you last eat when should i last drink? I have never had anything done like this before which i think is making everything worse.

I only have 3 days off after the op will that be enough? i know people heal at different rates.

I guess you have another appointment after with your consulatj to discuss what happens now?

Thank you for all your help!! x


Yes I had painkillers to take home and antibiotics (think that was for bladder)

Not sure bout the drinking, think it was sips of water up until a few hours before, ill try and find my admission letter. Is yours a am or pm as that'll make a difference. If its am then that won't b as bad if u don't drink from midnight if u see what I mean!!

I would say no 3 days wouldn't be enough but guess you'll have to see, as you say we're all different! But I was offered a sick note for a week so I'd take it if they offer unless that wouldn't be an option for you!

I've had results from smear and swabs today and they were clear thank goodness! Just waiting on bladder biopsy results. Also seeing my go tomorrow about the pill and pain relief and then waiting for appt with consultant to discuss the way forward with endo.

Good luck tomorrow and I know it's easy for me to say but please try and relax and not stress, there's nothing you can do to change the outcome and once you know you can start to deal with it.

Hope it goes well and ill be thinking of you. Let us know how it goes xx

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