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ive had enough of this blooming condition now :(. Im trying to be postitive but im not sure thats winning now. In 2 days i see a consultant that specialises in endo. I hope im not fobbed of again as this pain is getting too much now. I have a brilliant partner who is very understanding but i get feelings of guilt because we cant have much intamacy. although he says he dont care. 2 yrs of back pain is just annoying me now. And to have the endo come back is sad. i just want to be normal again and be able to take the kids out without feeling like a 90 yr old.

I do try to read as many posts as i can as evryone has a different perspective and if i can get as much info as possible then maybe i can understand this thing.

i think im on a down today. so sorry to anyone reading this. :)

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Please do not apologise, there is no need. It is good for us to rant and everyone needs to at some point. It is also what is so great about this site, that we are free to say how we are feeling.Also it has people on here who totally understand and can relate to how we are all feeling. It is better to say how we are feeling and not bottle it up as that makes us feel worse.

Blooming endo is such a rollercoaster ride (physically and emotionally).

I am happy to hear you have an understanding partner and can relate to having feelings of guilt due to lack of intamacy. I keep up with the cuddles and massages to still show my love and appreciation for my hubby.

I hope the appointment with the endo specialist goes well for you. It is so annoying when we get ignored and fobbed off. It just makes us feel upset, angry, doubting ourselves when we know our bodies best! Hopefully, as you are seeing an endo specialist this shouldn't happen and you should be listened to.

I hope you are feeling brighter soon and having some better days. Remember us ladies on here are willing to listen whenever needed. x


Hello squidgy. Thank you for the kind words. I am normal a happy calm reasonable person, but today im not feeling it. I just feel crap today. i want it all to f**k off and leave me alone. I feel like im being punished because i chose not to have anymore children. Sorry to anyone who is trying to concieve, my deepest positive thoughts are with you all. Im a lucky one.I found out i had endo at the end of 2011, so i have been blessed with my children. I do have thoughts of cutting it out myself but yeah thats soooooooo not going to work :) if only there was a cure for us ladies, then we could get on with normal life.

thank you for listening to me rant and again very sorry if i have upset anyone with this post that is never my intention. xxx


I completely understand how hard it is to deal with children when you're in pain with endo. I have a 5 yr old boy and 7 yr old girl who like to argue best when I'm in loads of pain. My bf is also understanding but he works away from home so I have to manage the kids and house by myself. It's ok to feel down and angry, I do all the time. It is unfair that we have to deal with this horrible disease but there is sod all we can do about it so we just carry on regardless.

I'd love to have another child but the thought of giving up my pain meds for 9 whole months fills me with dread!!

hugs to you hun xxx


you so dont have to apolagise ...my god...i hate this disease...i feel for you but like missteal said there is sod all we can do...so rant away...xxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you ladies. means alot, i dont want to keep whinging at my bloke about the pain. i feel like a pain when i do it :). so thanks again ladies. xxx


Hi My daughter has endo and adenomyosis and I wondered what any of you do for this pain. Heat packs and ENDONE seem to work (barely) but no one will prescribe endone anymore as it is an addictive narcotic.

Can anyone offer anything that helps them. My daughter is only 18 and I am so so very sad for her and feel helpless.

Thank you everyone


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