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I should know the answer but just need your reassurance:/

Ok I've had strange abdo,bowel,hip, rib cage and pelvic discomfort for 3 days. It's all left sided. I thought it was a bug as it had that familiar feeling in the bowel. I have had lose motions but not like a bug. The pelvic pain is that stabbing twisting of the knife type that the endo minx throws at us. But does anyone have it going up under the rib area. I do suffer pulling digging discomfort here by its also stArting to feel sore and sharp. I'm starting to get the old anxiety back and fearing the worst case scinarios. Dr thinks adhesions why can't I be convinced. Please reign me in. I'm unfamiliar with the intensity of this as I've ha relief from coil and therefore no periods. I'm stage 4 and hysterectomy due in May. Think coil could be near end of life could this be reason for experiencing this now? Thanks ladies x j x

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Hi Hun am not sure about coil, I am going through my first big flare up at 27 and I have the same symptoms but on my right *hugs* don't feel bad about your anxiety it's natural to be concerned especially if you have been told little by your dr or they are vague about the endometriosis. Hot baths and heat pads or hot water bottles have helped ease the pain for me. I thought I had a bug I have trouble opening my bowel, then I can't stop going. I know how hard it is to stay rational, do you have a local walk in clinic near you? Maybe if your concern increases pop in and see them. Thinking of you xx


If your coil is coming to the end of its life it might not be controlling the Endo cells sufficiently causing new adhesions to form which might be why your pain in spreading and increasing in intensity. If you are having a hysterectomy, make sure you tell the surgeon to clear out any residual Endo on other organs and any adhesions, otherwise you risk them leaving them in and the pain will not be resolved by the hysterectomy.


Ladies thank you for bringing me back to the land of sanity. This site is so brilliant for sharing a little experience and been there, worn the t shirt knowledge. When my head wanders , the support and understanding from here is so reassuring . Today I found my diclofenac and they've helped a bit I have also found a bottle of rose which I know will help ;) lol and I have said before when I go for my op I will be placing 'X' marks the spot al over my abdomen. A better head tonight thanks to you, cheers ladies J x


Yes make sure the consultant performing hysto is endo adhesion specialist rather than a general gyne is my advice. As for the strange pains under your rib, if it is indeed adhesions it could be nerve related too. It is now believed endo can grow its own nerve supply and if you think about it endo lesions created inflammation and where there is inflammation scar tissue tends to form (adhesions).

Endo and adhesions can affect different organs. Mine went from my pelvis into my stomach and as adhesions glue adjacent organs with filmy sticky adhesions, it can pull and pinch as nerves are often involved. Also, it's not impossible it could be caused by trapped wind or/and acid which rises to under your rib cage which can be very painful 'I know'. When your internal organs are affected by endo or/and adhesions it can pull organs out of line, ie my bowels give me big problems as endo and adhesions had been removed from there but I wonder if some might have been left! This in turn can cause acid and wind to build up or rise. It is such a complicated condition even Gp's struggle with it and I have been on the computer looking for answers for 3 years now, it's a complex one! Some in the medical profession seem to link it with IBS but one Endo specialist I spoke to said IBS doesn't exist it's a lazy diagnosis by Gps to what is in effect a gyne condition.

Anyway, I've probably confused you even more unintentionally but if in doubt go back to the doctor.


Wow thank you for all that advice . I'm thankful that I have a brilliant GP infact he is the gynae GP at our surgery so I'm blessed to have him. It's just not letting up and not getting relief from analgesics much which is unusual for me. When things change it's hard not to worry! I'm under the specialists now in Southampton so I trust I'm in good hands. Apparently I will also have a highly recommended endo/bowel surgeon working on me also. I will however make a point of them having a good poke around upper abdomen ! Tempted to go back to GP and say if I didn't have endo how would you be assessing my complaint.Im anxious that they could be missing something because of this bitch . Apologies for outburst. Thanks again Juleyanne any advice is always welcome. I love this forum xxxj


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