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confused over consultation

Hi everyone,

i have had endo since i was 17 years old and have had 5 laps and had excision and endo ablations, i have been on every treatment you can think of in the past and now i am 34 years old and it has now spread to my bowl and bladder and am in the most crippling pain, my consultant had kept going on at me to try for a baby so a year and a half ago i came of my pill and meds to try, but the pains got worse and worse and the periods heavier and heavier to the extent i am curled in a ball and unable to move, i got referred to the consultant again.

I had my appointment with the consultant yesterday and he has said that they can do no more for me and he does not want to do another lap because of risk of damage to my bowl and bladder he said he will refer me to the pain clinic and to the fertility clinic as he wants me to try IVF, i am now so very very upset and feel abandoned and don't know what to do now. Can they do that, just leave someone to get worse and worse?,

i do want to try and have a baby with IVF but i can't see how it will work now, im so confused, as i have been reading other posts on this site and know that others have had surgery on their bowels ad bladder. Any idea's anyone please

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There is a limit to how many surgeries you can have, because each one causes adhesions, and they are the bain of every patients existance. Each surgery increases the amount of adhesions even if they are cut back each time, it just encourages more.

You can ask your gp to refer you to one of the endo centres where they have colorectal surgeons on staff who know about endo bowel surgery and ask them for a 2nd opinion on the need for yet more surgery.

But meanwhile your consultant has only abandoned you because he can't do anything more for you. He has refered you for IVF which sounds like the best chance you have of having a baby.

You only stay with a consultant so long as there is something they can do for you. They are not like GPs that you stick with forever.

I've had liver and kidney consultants and a gastro-enterologist too. When they couldn't do anything more for me, i was sent back to the GP to monitor how I got on, and if needs be could ask to be referred elsewhere. That's how it works.

even my gynae consultant who did my last big op, couldn't fit me in for a follow up appointment, he was that busy, and told me to see my GP if I needed any further assistance and get the GP to refer me to another gynae when I next needed one.

Easier said than done !!


Hi there it's good to know were not alone I have stage 5 endo and have just done my seccond round of ivf after my last surgery laperotomy I had endo that had stuck everything together my bowel ovary and uterus and would bleed from the rectum alot and I had to put sanitary towels over my belly button because that would bleed to and come through my clothes but before each of my ivf cycles I was given 3 months of prostap you can have 6 months at a time wich would be even better but since having the prostap and ivf I no longer have bleeding from rectum or belly button so I would definatly have prostap or zolodex for at least 6 months before starting any further fertility treatments your body is working over time to fight the endo so it needs a break and so do you endo effects you mentally as well as physically and as prostap and zolodex stop your periods you will get a break from that and hopefully be much better when the treatment is finished.


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