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Second pro stap last week and again looking 6 months pregnant and feeling pretty poop...anyone else the same???

Had a number of cysts rupture and a number removed on my ovaries over the past 4 years, diognosed with endo 2 years ago. Had 2 very bad pregnancies and both prem births so would never consider anymore children, ideally id like hystorectomy but was talked into trialing 3 months prostap injections first, first one made symptoms million times worse with 2 episodes of beeding inbetween, hot flushes, mood swings and times i looked 6 months pregnant, had my second prostap last week and again feel pretty rubbish, still relying on painkillers and yet again i look 6 months pregnant again today, even the woman in the supermarket asked when i was due!!! Can anyone give me any advice on if this is normal or what i can do to improve things? Ive cut down on carbs and get lots of exercize (ive a 20 month old little horror lol). Feel like i never should have started the injections. Would give anything to feel normal and like a woman again. :o(

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Hi It seems like we have been on a similar journey! I had my 2nd prostrap on the 19th March today I feel like a whale!!! It can certainly feel like I am doing this for 6 months and I am pretty sure I will end up having the surgery at the end of it anyways!! The only saving grace is not having to handle the nightmare that monthlys bring but it jolly well sucks that I feel hideous in and out! I keep trying to remind myself that while I am having these injections it means my endo is not growing so my pain will not get worse and if that means I have to loosen the waist bands for a bit maybe it's worth it not to have the pain being able to get worse. But yeah somedays thats easier to do than others! So today sucked big time..... But soon it will be tomorrow and who knows that might be one of those good days that you long for! :)


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