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PMS - is it typically before your period or can it be while you are on?

I recently under went 4 months of Prostap, I waited 8months before I had a period and my gosh what an experience when it did arrive. Surprisingly I am now experiencing my second period which came Saturday evening (I came on 28 days to the day, something I have never been is regular!) Last night, I don't know why I just felt the need to flip out, the smallest of things wound me up whereas I consider myself a laid back lady. This morning on my way to work my stomach became the size of a 7month pregnant woman which has yet to go down, I have become heavy, I hurt so so much and my mood is just unbelievable. I am so anxious, stressed and feel my blood boiling yet work is actually quite chilled and relaxed as most people are off. I could sit and cry and yet Ialso feel wound up like a coiled spring. Even when I was a teen I never experienced anything like this.

All my "period" life I have been on some form of pill, then I had the implant as well as the injection to ease the load, I then had 2 laps to diagnose and treat advanced Endo and was put on Prostap. This is the first time ever that I have been cold turkey on any extra hormone besides my own as I felt my body needed the break, this is all so new to me, having crippling pain is debilitating enough without having mood swings to match the state of our weather.

Could this be PMS or am I just thinking outside the box as I have been on for just over 2 days?

I guess there is my original question as well as a moan at the same time.

As always, thank you for listening/reading ladies.

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I think with you being in so many hormones for so many years, your body is probably trying to adjust and remember how it was before all these substances.

PMS is very common to many women and for me since I was in my teens, the week before my period mood swings, stressed etc. Sometimes I can be like that the very first few days of my period.

I would say give some time to your body and if you think that you cant handle it go back to your doctor. x


PMS is caused by a hormonal imbalance. There are some things you can do to reduce the symptoms:

Make sure you avoid any foods that increase the inflammation (you may want to keep a food diary for a month or so to record what you notice when you eat certain foods like dairy, meat or bread).

De-stress - exercise (even just a walk in the fresh air) meditation, sleep, relaxing bath, taking time out to read, listen to music, whatever you can do that makes you calmer.

Increase your magnesium intake - it helps with PMS and cramps - figs, almonds, dark green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ladies,

Thank you both for your comments, they're both reassuring and supportive. I shall definitely take a look into the Magnesium intake. I am already a very strict Endo diet follower, I have researched so much into it and now stick to a fruit/vegetable, organic chicken and oat based diet, straying every once in a while when I feel like being a rebel.

I used to walk my dog when I was stressed/down but for the past 6 months or so just a 15 minute stroll can trigger an increase in pain. No word of a lie I could be out for no less than 1.5hrs and up to 3hrs every night after work so I know i can do it in physical terms as its my passion, this disease has recently stopped me in my tracks :-(

This emotional feeling is all so new that I just didn't know what had come over me. Physically I am used to dealing with the pain and the emotions/mental torture that brings but these past few days this new feeling of anxiety and being a coiled spring is new and I just didnt know what to do or why it had happened. I guess I panicked.

Thank you both again :-) xx


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