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Didn get the answers i expected

i had a follow up appointment yesterday at the hospital where i was supposed to being booked in to have one of my ovaries removed and the marina put back in.. when i got there i didnt see my consultant so when the registrar went to speak with him to book mw in my consultant came to see me to say he wasnt happy to do that but i needed to have full hysterectomy.... hope was lost im at my witts end dont know what to do feel my life is over ,, feel upset ... yes im 42 and have 2 kids but even still ... im feeling numb and just dont know where to turn .....

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so sorry to hear this. Surely it is your choice what to have and not have done esp when comes to the big decision of a hysterectomy! Don't let them operate until it is for what you agree with. Surely your notes should show the past discussions and that the ovary removal was suggested and agreed! Blooming drs they do our heads in! Are u still there or now been sent back home? I hope it all gets sorted for you soon x


I've basically had the same news this week - I've gone from the docs at the hosp basically saying I can't have that much pain and probably isn't endo to having my lap and being told too much endo to try to treat so have a hysterectomy inc ovaries. They drop this bomb shell on you without any extra info, my head is spinning as I'm 41 (I've been lucky to have two kids) but I will go straight into menopause then it's the hrt thing which is no good for endo but is needed when ovaries are removed so young. I have no fear of hysterectomy etc but only if it will reduce pain.



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