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How are we expected to get better when doctors are so unwilling to help!?

Since my Laparoscopy in October I've had many encounters with GP's and consultants but none have been very helpful at all!

i havent actually seen my consultant since my laparoscopy its always just been a "member of her team" well youd think a member of her team would also know about endo right?... WRONG!!!

she was completely clueless! told me i COULDNT be in pain anymore as the endo had been removed. I'm pretty sure I know what is happening with my own body thank you.... and it feels like there is still endo in there. instead of just putting me on pills that will turn me into a zombie. HELP ME, ACTUALLY LISTEN TO ME!!!!!

no matter how many times i ask for a different doctor or a second opinion they just wave me off and try to appease me with shitty comments like "theres not a lot of research on this topic so theres not a lot i can really do"

even getting an appointment at my GP is ridiculous! dealing with bitchy receptionists who dont understand that there is no point in me booking an appointment if the GP im seeing has no clue what Endometriosis is. so then trying to make me wait weeks and weeks for an appointment. im in pain now! i need help now! not 3 fucking weeks away! what good is that to stop the rapid blood flow, back pain, leg pain, dizzyness, pain when going to the toilet, pain with sex and most important of all i need help with my mental health because my depression and anxiety have been at an alltime high and i cant deal with it by myself, i need help :(.

I am 21 next week, and to no avail i have been fighting the NHS by myself since i was 15 to try and get sorted. but by myself, because ive had no support whatsoever from my parents/family/friends.

what i would like to know is, is there someone i can get to help me fight my corner, because a 21 year old woman alone obviously holds no weight whatesoever with these people and i really really need help!

whether its to come to appointments with me and call the doctors out on their bullshit, to make sure im not being messed around. or to just help me get doctors and consultants who are actually going to help me. i really am at my wits end with this awful treatment ive received!

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I really feel your pain and I too want some extra help with someone who can fight our comer I did write a post about half hour ago because I'm so down one min I'm told I have endometriosis then I'm told I don't as well as lots of other bull crap I don't know weather I'm coming or going I feel angry but depressed I'm in pain with no end in sight and no help from the so call professional. I know this doesn't help u but I wanted u to know I can relate to your frustration and I truly hope u get some answers too Xx


I know how rubbish this can be. That is the problem with an invisible disease! I have had my fair share of shit doctors and a rubbish consultant. Thankfully I have found a consultant who is more helpful - she is doing another lap for me on the 22nd, fitting the coil at the same time and starting me on Zoladex injections.

If it wasn't for this consultant though I would have gone straight back to my GP and demanded to be referred to an endo specialist as they have centres throughout the UK! So I recommend you do this! If your unhelpful GP is telling you she can't do anything then you need to push and push asking to see someone who does xx


Hi ,

I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I had similar issues , I changed my GP to a different one where they have 5-6 docs and nurses. It helps for a quicker appointment. Secondly I told them from the very beginning I respect their job and what they are doing but having endo for such a long time I do not need messing around , when I come for help they other help me or reffer me. No ifs or buts. .. So far is been okay , acceptable not perfecr but we work around.

Secondly if you are not hapoy with your consultant then you can ask the GP to send your to someone else , they can although they won't as it makes life easier to use the ones closer to them...

Lastly when you get to hospital you can request to see the doctor and not the consultant and the lady at reception must let them know of your request. It is your choice. Don't let them win over you. Be ferm and hold your position and they will work with you!!!


thanks for the tips guys,

dont get me wrong ive been relentlessly pushing against my GP and my consultant. it is genuinely like they just laugh me off, just "some child" to be pushed around.

allover my medical records it says im a problematic patient because i WILL tell them if they arent doing something right or along those lines, they just wont listen. my consultants secretary who im on the phone too all the time because of the length of time i have to wait inbetween appointments and the fact that after my operation. i was told nothing of what to expect, how to look after myself, how long it would take me to recover and be myself again. she didnt tell me anything i was just left completely to my own devices.

just today on the phone to the receptionist at my doctors surgery, couldn't understand that having a doctor that may or may not know about Endometriosis isn't good enough. i need a doctor that DEFINITELY knows what they are talking about and are able to help me. otherwise its going to be like going to a vet with a brick and saying it doesnt work.

ive been speaking to citizens advice and they've helped me to start a complaints procedure but that doesnt solve my problem of being fucked around :/ i will definitely give all of your advice a go though ladies thank you very much for your input :-)



But it's not really relevant to my post..


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