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I'm 13 days post op Hysterectomy & removal of both ovaries. I've been put on Premarin HRT. Am I ok to take supplements too or just HRT?

I have been reading about various supplements that are beneficial to woman during menopause but I'm not sure if they are INSTEAD of HRT or are ok to take as well as? There are a few which are suggested to help with bone density, hot flushes & mood swings etc. I would love to hear from any ladies who are in the same situation as me who either take HRT with supplements or maybe just supplements please?

I was suffering with leg pain before my op which I presumed was sciatic endo, but 13 days post op the pain has come back. I have read that this could be a menopausal symptom (achy bones & joints) Would it happen so soon after my op? Does anybody else have this annoying pain? So many questions!!

:) :)

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I was told by my doctor not to take supplements with HRT, but ask at the hospital if your not sure. I'm sure the supplements are instead of. I've just come off HRT I was on the gel which was the most effective for me, eventually started getting migraines, so come off the HRT & my endo is back!!! I have heard the eastrogen or something causes the endo to shrink, but I stopped taking HRT as I'd have to eventually, also your only day 13, I'd give it at least a month before you can try & find out what these pains are, it's a big surgery! Xx


Thanks very much. You're right, I'm going to give the HRT some time to get working. Have ordered some good quality multi-vitamins too to give me an extra boost.

My keg pain isn't too bad today, mind you I've done bugger all all day, that probably helps!



Leg pain! Not keg! That's for the summer ;)


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