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Unbearable pain 5 weeks after cyst removed

I posted on here last week about pain after laparoscopy to remove cyst on ovary. The pain is just unbearable today, my whole pelvis is agony & a heavy pulling sensation and I keep getting shooting pains on side cyst removed. I have been taking tramadol and codydramol but only helping for short period of time. Went to gp last week who said it was urine inf but I'm not so sure as they didn't even test urine!! Not sure what to do!

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You need to be scanned to see if a new cyst has formed. It can happen.

or something wrong with the operation which is only recently manifesting iteself.

You also need to be checked for infection inside (not just a uti)

Call the gynae ward staff , there should be a phone number on the discharge letter from the hospital. They will propbably want to see you themselves to check up on the sitution post op.

It isn't normal to be in that much pain after a cyst is out. Something is causing that pain.

If you are clear of all infections, and there's no sign of cysts, then it has to be something else they need to be looking in to.

Call the the gynae ward right away and discuss it with a senior member of staff there.

Failing that- visit A&E. It could be an emergency and to be sure it isn't, the hospital need to be checking you out. They have the equipment on site which the GP doesn't.

I don't want to alarm you or cause you to worry more than you already are, so the quicker you get on the case and push push push for investiagtions the better.

It might simply damaged nerves than haven't settled down, but it could just as easily be something else too that needs attention pronto.

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Thank you for your advice. I went to a&e and was given morphine straight away, I was then transferred by ambulance to gyn ward at other hospital. The dr said it was my period causing the pain! Id been finished my period a week before. Had scan wich was clear so they said it was my endometriosis, I was told after lap that I was clear of endo! Just don't understand and as u can imagine I wad very upset, really don't understand how they can say its endo when I was told 5 wks ago it was clear. I have my own consultant on weds who done operation so will see what he says! Its so frustrating :(


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