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Got a date :-\

So today is my birthday, postie delivers a couple of cards and a sexy brown envelope!

Next Thursday for my pre op assessment and the following Thursday hopefully for the lap. I know i should be pleased about it and i am but I'm absolutely crapping my pants. I'm scared they are going to go in and find nothing, leaving me not knowing the cause of the pain again. Xxx

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Hi I had my pre op today and op is Saturday so I know exactly how you feel. Dreading them not finding anything but also dreading that its really bad! One extreme to the other but I'm so desperate for answers I'm glad to finally have a date and trying to stay calm and positive!

Happy birthday and try to think positive and know that this seems a normal worry after reading lots on here and talking to people in the same situation.

Good luck next Thursday and you'll have some answers to your pains soon x


Hi lillyflower

Hope the pre op went well for u today and they helped aleviate some of your concerns. Totally understand what u mean about dreading them not to find anything but also dreading how bad the endo be! Sending you calm, positive wishes x


Hi, had my pre op yesterday and going in on monday for my lap, actually excited about this but like you both say im scared that they wont find anything and I will be back to square one. Is it a bad thing that I just want them to say yes this is what it is and weve done such and such to sort it out and that will be the end of it haha can only live in hope.

Godd luck to you both xx


Hi doubleL

Happy for you that you are having your Lap. Wishing you all the best for it.

I don't think it a bad thing at all to say that you want them to say yes this is what it is. It not that u wishing to have endo, but u so fed up with it all that you just want an answer. Makes total sense and can totally relate to it. That and worried they not find anything.

Best wishes x


Happy Birthday! Hope you get spoilt and have a fab day!

That is great you have got a date now for your Lap. Can totally understand your thoughts being so mixed and worried what if not find anything. I would be feeling exactly the same.

Wishing you luck for thursday and then for the lap too. x


Happy Birthday! I know exactly how you feel! I received a phonecall today asking if I could go in for mine next week! I only saw my consultant yesterday! It's all so fast, I came to bed an hour ago as I felt sick and faint and I think it's because I was worrying so much. The other ladies all seem to say the feelings we are having are completely normal so I guess we stay calm. We will have answers very soon - either it's endo or it's not - then we can deal with it.

Good luck with everything.

Tanners Xx


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