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Has anyone been successful with IVF first time with stage 4 Endo?

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endo in January. I have a a complex cyst to my left ovary and was told that my bowel was adhered to my uterus and bladder and that both my tubes are blocked. My consultant says that I need major surgery to basically unstick my bowel which could involve bowel resection and colostomy and that I should try for a baby straight away as there is a major chance I could lose my ovaries during the op :(

IVF is apparently my only option of getting pregnant but sadly I can not get NHS funding as my partner has a little girl from a previous relationship. So we are going private and we have our first consultation in 3 weeks. I'm so excited but so apprehensive at the same time. We only have one shot at it as it is just so expensive and I'm just so worried that with all the complications of the Endo that the chances of getting pregnant are slim. Has anyone had success??!

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Hi Nat_nat_

I can't give you a complete success story I'm afraid, but can tell you about my experiences.

I also have endo (diagnosed as moderate last time I had lap, 2 yrs ago). My first attempt at IVF was initially successful (in that I became pregnant) but then had a miscarriage. I was told the m/c might relate to a chromosonal abnormality with the embryo, (and I have a higher chance of those kind of problems given my age of 39). Am still pursuing IVF, and currently have 5 frozen embryos in freezer. I was told that people with endo can get pregnant with IVF, but the percentage chances are a bit lower than for other people. Good luck with your appointment. I would advise you to ask your consultant whether there are any special treatments he can recommend, in light of your endo. (I've heard of some people being put on buserelin for a couple of months prior to IVf, to calm the endo).


Hi Noper. I am so sorry for your loss. That it was scares me the most to be honest. I can't imagine how you must have felt. I've got my fingers crossed for you x


Hi again Nat-nat,

Thanks for your thoughts. Everyone is different, so I guess we can't predict how things are going to be for you. But what I am trying to say it that it is still possible to become pregnant despite endo, and that it's a good idea (when you see a consultant) to have questions ready about this, to inform yourself as much as possible about how they are planning to take into account your endo, during the IVF.


Thanks Noper. I have loads of questions ready ??. I'm concerned about the effect of endo with egg harvesting and the risks involved with pregnancy considering my bowel is stuck to my uterus. But it is nice to know that it is possible and hopefully it will work out well for both of us


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