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Positive or Negatives stories of IVF with Stage 4 Endo?

Hi All,

I've had three surgeries for endo and one previous round of IVF, I am also 39 years old nearly 40. My BMI has increased since all of this has started as life has been a bit unsettled with lots of work and then travel. I also had my contract not renewed due to my time off for surgeries so my confidence has taken a huge hit.

I know that our chances are low. Anyone been there and had a success? Our first round was nearly abandoned but we ended up with 8 embryos in the end but that was nearly a year ago.

I'm feeling very unsettled and unsure. I would love to have our baby but could also be happy with adoption or fostering. My husband wants us to go for it.

Any success stories, words of wisdom or advice. I felt like I was getting over it but after an appointment today am facing the fact that it is now or never really.

Please help!


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We were successful with IVF first time at age 37, after years of other problems and miscarriage.

Success rates decrease rapidly in late thirties and also depend on other factors such as male fertility, other female gynae issues such as PCO etc.

If you go for IVF again you need to be realistic about outcomes and think about how long/ how many attempts are reasonable. After 4 attempts there is not much increase in succes rates for example.

Adoption and fostering are excellent ideas but again be aware of the rollercoaster ride and the vetting process is arduous. I have friends who went down this route and it was hard at the time but now they have a lovely toddler!

Which ever road you take make sure you have plenty of support, be gentle on yourself, and be as informed as possible.

I wish you all the best and hope your dreams come true. X


Thank you for your kind reply. I'm trying to weigh up my choices at the moment. I don't want my life to be on hold for a long time.

I'm glad your treatment worked.

Star x


Hi! I have stage 4 endometriosis and was extremely lucky as I had ivf twice and it was successful both times. Produced very few eggs, but they were good quality. As an aside as she didn't have endometriosis, my friend lost a baby at 35 weeks six years ago, had a miscarriage, two failed IVFs, then last year went to Spain for ivf and now has a healthy five month baby boy. She's 45! All the very best to you. Xxx


Thank you for your positive story! I guess its all about hanging on in there. x


Hey there I'm 42 in Jan had 5 failed iuis just finished our first round of ivf with a BIG FAT POSITIVE!! Early days yet as only 4 weeks but fingers and toes crossed things keep going well. We also got 2 eggs frozen. Good luck with your journey hope it can be a positive one


That's wonderful news! I've got four frozen ones waiting. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I know its worth at least one more try!


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