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IVF after stage 4 endo excised / removed your stories please


Hi All

Question has anyone gone into have successful IVF treatment after having stage 4 endo excision? Or better still concieved naturally after having surgery on stage 4 after trying unsuccessfully. My ovaries are fused behind my uterus and my bladder and bowel are fused to my uterus. Please share stories good bad, indifferent would love to hear your stories of surgery after stage 4

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I have infiltrative stage 4 endo. I have had my left ovary removed, surgery on my sigmoid flexure of my bowl and adhesions everywhere.

The damage to my remaining ovary meant that I needed the help of two egg donors to get my family but I now have 3 wonderful children. It took 8 cycles ( plus a whole lot of cancelled ones) and the cost means we live in a modest house with an old car but I wouldn't change any of it.

Good luck

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Thank you for sharing your story were all three children via IVF?

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Yes - via donor egg. :-)

I have stage 4 endo, kissing ovaries, bowel stuck to uterus, a large cyst covering each ovary, blocked and swollen tubes - which have been partly removed.

And I’m in my second pregnancy with my second and third babies. Both of my pregnancies have been ivf. It took us 5 goes to get to this but when I look at my LB I know it was all worth it.

Good luck

Awwww thanks amazing thank you so much for sharing gives me hope. Just hope I don't get any failed cycles as it will hit me hard having had two miscarriages already

I have everything crossed for you. The failed goes were hard to deal with, especially once I’d been told all 3 were never going to work as the embryos weren’t put in the right place but now if that matters when you get your positive. Xx

I had stage 4 endo, my womb and ovary was fused to my bowel and I had two large cysts approx 5 cm each on one ovary. About 2 and a half years ago I had a 7 hour op to excise my endo and unstick my womb and bowel. I got pregnant naturally 3 months after my op but sadly miscarried at 7 weeks. We tried naturally for another year with no luck. We then did one full round of ivf with one embryo transferred which resulted in a fail. We had 5 embryos frozen so 4 months later transfered 2 frozen embryos and I’m now 6.5 weeks pregnant!! I’m very anxious as it’s been such a journey to get here so we’re taking it a day at a time. Im so glad i had the op it’s made such a difference to my periods and overall health but I’m 39 so wish we’d gone straight to ivf rather than wasted all that time trying naturally. If you can live with endo then the ivf will be a walk in the park! Xx

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I'm 37 I have been referred to a specialist then will have to wait for op. I have stage 4 bowel and bladder fused to uterus and ovaries fused behind uterus and a 8cm endometrioma on my left ovary. I am hoping and praying they can do something it's my last hope. Good luck with your pregnancy try and relax easier said than done and thanks for sharing your story xx

I had surgery where stage 4 with bowel and bladder issues were discovered. I had left ovary and tube removed due to damage from cyst.

I very luckily have gone on to have 2 children naturally, conceived 3 months after my surgery and then shortly afterwards ( didn't want to risk waiting too long).

Sounds very hopeful praying this will be the same for me. I too have cyst on left ovary sounds like it's damaged it's also fused to bladder and bowel. How was your op?

I kinda needed to hear it is possible too. Thanks for your question. I’m starting to consider IVF. Turning 39 soon, 1 tube blocked and 2 recent miscarriages. I do not want to “waste” more time trying naturally, unsuccesfully tried for years before finally getting pregnant, to have m/c at 8weeks.

I've had two miscarriages one was twins I am seeing a endo specialist on 7th June. I estimate a laparoscopy about 5 months later. After then we are booking in to see specialist and look at IVF that's if lap goes well of course. In the meantime im dieting and doing lots of excercise and finding its helping with pain and weight loss in preparation for IVF. I find if I have a plan it gives me hope and then I e done all I can do to help myself. Good luck in your journey x

Thanks for these hopeful comments. I have stage 4 and have undergone similar surgery to you ladies. Next step is haematology to sort out the blood clot in my lung.....and then slowly onwards to an ivf referral. So much waiting x

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