Can't cope tonight.. Help

Can't cope tonight.. Help

Having such a tough night, in so much pain and can't sleep. I've taken my tramadol and am at the feeling drowsy and sick stage from the painkillers. They haven't helped at all with the actual pain.

My partner is on nightshift tonight so I'm also feeling very lonely and upset. Not to mention worried about my second laparoscapy that is coming up in less than 3 weeks, very very anxious about it, eyes well up every time I think about it.

What did we do to deserve this awful disease, ladies?


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  • HUGS to you as you're probably still awake.

    If the pain gets worse call a taxi (or friend driver) to take you to A&E where you can be given a super strong intra-muscular pain relief injection in the bum or thigh. They will have a record that you are awaiting surgery anyway, and should be able to give you something strong enough to knock out the pain and help you get some much needed sleep and alleviate your anxiety attack.

    At this time of night, the queues at A&E should be very small and you should get seen to pretty quickly.

  • I managed to get a couple hours sleep which I'm very surprised about. Woke up when my boyfriend came home from work and took some more pain killers. I am now feeling essential sore and absolutely shattered so I think I will stay in bed for a while longer.

    Thank you for your advice, I will definitely take that on board next time, probably very soon.

  • Hugs from me too. I know all too well that awful pain at night scenerio! All you want to do is sleep and the night can seem to go on forever. The isolation can be overwhelming. I would keep going back to the Gp and explain to him in detail what your going through and maybe he or she can suggest another or two pronged approach to your pain whilst you await your lap. All the best hopefully they will find the problem and address it there and then. I previously have had laps and they usually find the problem by placing a microscopic camera inside and having a really good look at what is at the root of your pain. Your not alone.

  • Poor you, know how you feel-fingers crossed that the next three weeks will fly by and the hospital will sort you out, nothing to be anxious about, be postive stay strong and dont let this beat you.xx

  • oh bless you xx Sorry to hear you had such a horrible night. I hope today the pain has eased for you. I hope these 3 weeks fly by for you so you can get the Lap over and done with. You are so strong and brave xx

  • Everyone is so kind on here. You are not alone, I agree. It is hard to know what to do when it strikes in the middle of the night and you cant sleep. I had similar recently and phoned the 115 number or whatever it is - and they were useless. I'd really encourage you to get your fears about the lap out of your head - I've had 3 and no doubt will have another 3. I was very anxious for my second and it felt huge - yet was back to work within 3 days and it didnt affect my life in the slightest! My most recent was a month ago and I wasnt anxious - couldnt wait to be put out and be pain free! A month on and I'm still very sore. I guess what I am trying to say is you cannot predict what the outcome is - and anxiety and worry about the lap is just gonna make your pain worse. Please try not to worry xxx

  • the lap will NOT be anywhere as sore as what you went through last night. They keep you very well dosed up on pain relief in hosp. It's like a spa holiday compared to what you had last night. please don't worry about it.

  • im sorry to hear about your suffering i also have experienced pain like yours i went to doc in the end and told hom that i was taking 3 paracetamols and to ibrufen at a time and the pain wasn't easing so he put me on this drug TARGINACT ( Oxycodone/naloxone 10/5m) its a controlled drug ...its a prolonged release tablet they worked miracles for me may be your doc could prescribe them for you ..... good luck ..... oh i have had 3 laps in the last few years and there is nothing to fear just a little discomfort for a few days xxxxxxx

  • It won't let me reply to you all individually so I'm having to do it this way. I'm overwhelmed with all the kindness and support from everyone. I'm new to this website so this was my first blog post ever. Thank you all so much ladies! I'm going to take everything you all said on board.

    I have no idea why I am so anxious about this lap, maybe because I went through a lot more than expected when I had the first one.

    Targinact sounds like a good painkiller to try out and I will mention that to my doctor.

    Thank you all xxxxx

  • Just a thought. Might be worth asking your doctor for some cyclizine to help with the nausea. Doesn't help with the pain but may work with the nausea & help you get some sleep.

    Hope all goes well x

  • I am on cyclizine already but thank you for the thought xxx

  • I hope you are ok.

    I know how you feel about being anxious about the op. I was so scared before mine that I cried! Am sure it will be over before you know it. Try not to worry as the nurses will be kind and will look after you, that's what they are there for :)

    Hope you feel better x

  • massive hugs to you, I've just written a similar blog. It is so horrible being alone and in pain, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I really hope they can sort you out with this up coming lap and give you pain free days....good luck hun, let us all know how it goes xx

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