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has anybody recently had a laparoscopy hysterectomy ????

im getting a little nervous now im due to go in for the op on the 26 march i was fine and happy to go through with it when i was sent the appointment now the time is getting closer im getting anxious please has any body got anything good to say about this procedure and how they felt afterwards and how long was recovery time ???? i have looked on the net for information but its all jargon to me .....

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Hi shaz1966,

Ive had both the procedures. Which one is it you'd like to know about?

I am only 10 days on from my hysterectomy so will try & help you as much as I can but I'm still learning myself!

Xx :)


I had the full surgery and was disabled for weeks, the ladies on my ward who had the larascoptomy hysterectomy were up & about with hours, recovery is quicker & it's nowhere near as painful as the cut surgery, I had my ovaries removed with the larascoptomy & felt great after a week! Your lucky your having it this way, it's a heck of a lot better. Good luck luv ;0)


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