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Post op hystercotmy

Hello ladies, this ite has been a godsend to me, but wanted to no I'm 4. Weeks post op from abdominal hysterectomy, feel better still sore n carnt bare to look at my scar as its awful, n my tummy looks deformed!:-( but I no in time ill deal with that!

BUT I'VE HAD PAINS LAST 2 Days n started to lose brown blood, is this normal after 4 weeks? As I had no blood before? N I'm getting very anxious:-(

I also went to GPS last week told I had blood in my urine went on 3 day antibiotics, then this week I go back as I feel ruff n hurting to goo toilet, to say I have another uti:-( but there reculatant to give me more tabs until urine has been sent off! I feel I've done we'll up to now, but I'm very panicky n now I've got period pains n bit ov brown blood I'm scared ill end up back in hospital.im not a hypercondriate but I've gone thru sooo much n always end up back in hospital!!!!please someone who has or been thru hysterectomy contact me please.Andrea

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Hi, Andypandy, sorry you are feeling so bad. I had an abdominal hysterectomy a few years ago for endo. I don't know if you had your operation with an endo specialist. If you did and they told you they got the endo out then it would seem a little fast for it to come back. It may be adhesions forming. Have you managed to do the physiotherapy exercises they should have given you? They are supposed to help.

If your surgeon wasn't an endo specialist and they didn't remove the endo when they did the hysterectomy then the pain could well be that. I'm no expert though, just an experienced amateur!

Don't put up with pain though. It is brave of you to try but don't think that your doctor will think you're a hypochondriac if you go back. You have been diagnosed; it's a real illness. Any health professional who doesn't know that endo is an incurable, chronic condition isn't up to speed. Get a new doctor if they don't help you. Also make sure you are referred to an endo specialist if you haven't already seen one. There are Centres of Excellence in the treatment of endometriosis and you can be referred to any one of them.

Hope you feel better soon and get the care you deserve. Good luck.


Heh thankyou for reply, I have had severe endo since 1991 n I'm under a top professor who specialises in endo, hence the hystercotmy I had my adhesions done n womb removed, but they nipped at my bowels due to everything being stuck together, just feel everyday a bit better then worse come during the day.x


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