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Crampy pains after going for a wee?!!

Hello girls!!

Just joined this! I have endo and have had 2 operative laser laps (last 1 being 3 years ago) I had my mirena removed 7 months ago and lately I've been getting a crampy sharp pain every time I go for a wee (which is quite often!!) - has anyone else has this? I'm def not pregnant (but am trying) & it's happening every single time. Has anyone else has this? Any advice please?


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Complicated! I too get terrible cramp if I try to hold even a little urine so I am constantly in the loo!

I also get crampy pain after and I am now in menopause with endo/adhesion history. Your problem needs to be put before a Gp quickly to rule out a urine infection!


Hiya. I agree, go to your GP. Sounds like cystitis or something similar. They can give you antibiotics if it is. Best to get it checked out.


Thanks both, it's actually gone now so I'm not going to the GP - the crampy pains were there for pver a week and I've had it in the past, I'm pretty sure it is endo linked as in my last lap the surgeon said he had to 'dig out mr right ureter' !! Nice.


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