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First period in a while

I have just stopped taking the pill as after years of swapping and changing, I've decided it just isn't right for me! I haven't had a period since December, as I've been carrying the pill over, I'm currently waiting for my operation date for a lap. is it normal fir me to be feeling this unbelievably tired?? I keep getting what I can only describe as contraction pains since I have come on, these pains will take my breathe away and it's in my ovary area.Also I'm loosing so much blood that's very very dark and clots. very bad back pain too

Does this sound like endo symptoms? I've had periods like this for years but the pill let me miss periods out so they weren't always as bad as this , but having now stopped it, will my periods go back to being like this all the time??

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Yep Natalie - I think it may be normal, your question may have just answered mine...the pills didn't work for me, so doc put me on Zoladex injections (puts you through a 'mini-menopause')- stopped my periods for nearly 3 months :)

I'm now on my first period since and all what you have described is what I am going through. If you are losing that much blood, you will feel really tired, a struggle to even stand up. If it lasts too long, get to the doctors - I'm going on Tuesday, my "normal" period lasts around 3-4 weeks, I've tried to grin and bear it but, I'm on my 4th week of bleeding now and it has never been this heavy and painful for the whole duration. The docs can probably prescibe something to get you through to the lap.

Good Luck with the lap when you get your date, I hope it's not too long! xx


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