mirena 'past its sale by date?'

Hi girls, i have had Mirena in for almost 4yrs now and it has been a godsend for me ie no periods,no pain,no angrybird pmt. However ive recently started to have very light periods,just a pantyliner would do,infact a plaster would surfice but the old pmt angry bird is staring to get ugly again. Shes a right cow and i really dont want her back in my life. Im wondering if the Mirena tends to wear off after a while. I have one ovary, just recently had a lap and due to have a Hysterectomy in May.Have any other ladies experienced similarities after having it in for a few years. I know it has a 5 yr life! Thanks girls J xx

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  • I'm wondering the same thing only mine got put in in july 2011 and now not only have I had a proper bleed, all my endo pains are back too it's been a rough 10 days. Even had headaches which i never ordinarily get unless on meds and i never had those with endo.

    I'm thinking mine might have run out too, only a lot sooner than yours.

    hoping it's a blip but it sure doesn't feel like a blip.

    will definitely get another put in, if this proves to have stopped too soon, mine has been great thus far. Absolutely awesome in fact.

  • Mine 'ran out' after 4 years so we whipped it out (well, I wasn't really involved apart from being there, to be honest) and put another one in (again, not so much me as the gynae!)

    Love my Mirena. Even though I put back some of the weight I'd lost last year practically overnight. Wouldn't be without it.

  • Thanks ladies. Well my trusty friend will be taken out along with its 'housing' in May.However i would certainly have had another popped in after this one. Ive been blessed that it worked for me i just wish that others had had positive experiences:( J x

  • hi ....my mirena coil only lasted four years i had it changed last year but pain has become so bad that im due to go in for a hysterectomy at the end of march ...... the first coil was fab i would recommend it to any of my friends ...... good luck in may with your op xx

  • Thankyou shaz and to you too. Big time ahead, hope it all goes well for you and you'll be pain free at last :) J X

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