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25 and starting menapause???

well i ended up going to see my gp (hes ace)...becos of the pain ive been having and the amount of drugs ive been taking...he has put me on gabepentin 3 a day he said he didnt want me on morphine becos the releif i needed was everyday and becos of my age as well he said he dint want to book me into rehab in a few years....fair point....lol...i feel bit sad though kind hoped this was the super pill....but its still there...so the next step is to give me a scan and make sure theres nothing growing on the remaining ovary.....the last one had a dermoid cyst with thyroids inside wrapped around my ovary and down the fellopian...with endo spread all around...nice eh..lol..i also mentiond about zoladex???(hope spelt right)..he explained a little bit from wat i can gather it makes your body go into menaupause then ...they kick start you again...not sure how accurate i am...but like he said if the other ovary is damaged i would have to go on hrt becos i would have no ovarys or fallopians..25 on the menapause...mmm not sure how i feel bout that....xxxx

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I'm not sure about zoladex as I dont have any hormonal treatments at all, but you are right these drugs send you to a temporary menopause, and as soon as you stop them your periods come back (maybe after a few months). The side effects are too many, but there are some women that found great relief from endo pain while on them, some others couldnt stands them, so I'm afraid is a bit trial and error. The menopause will make the endo stay in the same amount or shrink a bit, but as soon as you off zoladex, the endo will continue as before.

As for gabapentin (and the similar pregabalin) ...these are originally anti-epileptic drugs that also tackle neurological pains (even for chronic back pain), they have side effects as weight gain, loss of concentration, dizziness etc (make sure you dont drink too much alcohol with them), but again its trial and error. They dont work for everyone, they didnt for me. I expect your doctor told you to gradually increase the dose until a certain amount. Dont stick with them though if you dont feel any relief after a week or so and if you take them for more than a few days, dont stop them straight away, just gradually cut down the dose, as they cause withdrawal symptoms.

Jo xx


Hi Missie

Gabbapentin, is not your normal pain killer.....it deals with nerve pain( ie trapped nerves) so unless you ave nerves involved........it won't help. Other drugs like co codamol and morphines deal with inflammation and pain associated. Try and avoid Morphine at all costs! Good stuff but if you have another op. you will need a ton of the stuff after to get over post op pain ( in recovery room) and this could bring on some nasty Side effects.

I've been on Zoladex for well over 8 years ( about 10 in total) as lap oblations and other stuff didn't work........my thoughts on it.......

For me it's work wonders....period and pain free

The intention was never to be on it this long .....buts its the only things that's worked

However ..... And it's a BIG however........

I often feel like a 90year old......when the body has no oestrogen. Energy just disappears from you.......I have to have hormone ( but very small dose) patches and these help.......osteoporosis is a huge side effect......I have it in my spine now and hip ( but have been told this can be corrected when I come off it.....but I'm 40 now!..... Never broken a bone .....phew) this is all due to the lack of oestrogen ....they can't give you anymore than a small dose as its the oestrogen that they are trying to stop along with the progesterone.

For me ....I am pain free after 10 years of mis diagnosis........

But my advice would be .....think carefully. Officially you are only suppose to be on Zoladex 6 months in a life time ....due to side effects.

I had 3 cycles of 6 months of it before I was put on it long time.......but it's what worked for me.

Good luck.....get yourself a good gynae. And have a talk.



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