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Questions before consent to ovary to be removed or not and endo cut or burnt?


Hi everybody,

I am due laparoscopy on 20th April after waiting 6months. Was told at my first specialist appt that I would be put onto priority list but dont feel ive been treated as such. Pain and symptoms much worse. One week admitted to hospital and another a and e visit since doubled over in pain. Pain everyday now and lifestyle dramatically changing. Have an appointment 18th April to discuss some questions with consultant. I am worried that a cyst I have on ovary means they will take ovary. I am 34 without children wanting to conceive. Does anybody know under what circumstances they will take ovary and do I just consent to this? They said it is a possibility. What if they take it just because its easier than cutting away cyst and not just because of damage to it alone? How can they be sure it isn't going to work ever again during lap? Also how do I get endo cut out instead of burnt out as ive read this is best. Will all hospitals do it if asked? Any advice or experience please? Thankyou so much xx

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Hi I had a cyst on left ovary I was adamant I wanted to keep it and not have removed. I have two children would like just one more. At this stage they didn't know what type of cyst it was. On day of laparoscopy the consultant came and said he needs me to consent to taking ovary away as he doesn't know what it is. I cried but signed he said you have another ovary also. When I woke from the op I found out it was an endometrioma and inside was bad stage 4 endo as bad as it could be. He only drained the cyst did not take my ovary also found another cyst on this ovary and took a biopsy of that too. No cancer thank god! But I have my left ovary I think there is a good chance the endometrioma will return though I'm also now booked to see endo specialist. I reckon my left ovary is probably pretty damaged anyway but it's still there for now. We are hoping to try IVF as soon as have next laparoscopy.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will follow your progress. I'm not sure if I still need the appt on the 18th now before lap on 20th as you've out my mind at ease tbat obviously they will be aware not to take my ovary if at all possible. Just preparing myself for op next week. 1st ever. Xx thank you and I am sending best wishes for you to get well enough to have the baby you wish for.

I am also 34 and last Monday I had an 8cm endometrial cyst removed from my right ovary. They have to tell you that if they have to they will need to remove ovary. My surgeon assured me she would not so this unless she had no option at all. She drained the cyst, peeled it off everything it was stuck to and gave me a thorough wash inside. Please don't worry too much they have to tell you worst case scenario. The fact your young like me and have no kids they will do everything they can to save your ovary.

Since last August I have been doubled up in pain, in and out A&E and finally i have had the procedure and now recovering.

I'm looking at IVF now to conceive though which has thrown me but I will get there. If there's any questions you want answered please ask xxx

Wow same situation I guess. Thanks for your comment. Please follow me to keep in touch with our progress. In a weeks time I'll at least have a diagnosis and can take things from there. Have to behin with all fertility tests. Have kinda figured out at the same time about fertility issues and Endo. Do you know tests which I should be asking for for fertility now? Do you know of any which can be done during lap itself...I am having dye test during. Thanks again and best wishes with your hopes and dreams for a little's at least a comfort to know there's somebody else we can reach out to in similar position. Xx

Personally I had the same questions. I believe that burnishing is meant to be safer as it requires less work on getting through? Therefore less chance of cutting vital parts ie your ovaries. I think they would only chose the best option for you and lower the risk damaging anything else. Of course there will always be some sort of damage as it’s attached so that can’t be helped. Also I asked about possible removal of ovaries and my dr said he would only do it if it was that riddled. You can still conceive with one ovary. And I do not think he would go ahead and just take it as the complications may not be worth it. I don’t think u need to worry too much. But of course don’t hesitate to ask anything before the op. And if u feel strongly about them leaving it be then I’ya your choice. Just remember you can still conceive with one ovary and consider it may also be best to take it away if it’s bad. Otherwise well it will get worse

Thanks for your calming reply MrsNGoo. I am two days away from lap now. I have been following your posts and wish you find some let up on your post op pain asap.

I've come to conclusion that any kind of pelvic surgery and laps basically create more risk of infertility so in my case where fertility is vital to be preserved it seems like cutting away Endo straight away would be best to avoid it coming back (meaning further risk with further laps) after burning as it clears it away more and helps fertility that way too. They said they would burn away what they saw originally but the nurse I saw for pre op said I'm having quite a lot done and I would be about 5 hours in surgery :-/ so I'm wondering if they already know that they may have to remove ovary. I've read that they only remove o ary if it is bleeding amd cannot be stopped..and that removing it probably means a bigger cut (laparotomy) and that the Endometrioma cyst I have also requires Laparotomy which they did ask me to sign consent for but didnt confirm. I am just having faith now that they will do what's right for me when they see what is going on x

hi. Hope your appointment was ok today and they reassured you.

when I had surgery the specialist rebuild my ovary after removing the chocolate cyst that was the size of a football, we would have liked another child but really just needed to be able to live again with our daughter. He rebuilt as they hadn't realised how bad I was and hadn't taken consent to remove even though it was verbally discussed he took the option of rebuilding. They said it was unlikely to work but fertility tests show it is. Unfortunately my husband is ill now so we can't go ahead with the ivf.

for your operation, try to relax as much as possible prior to it ( easier said than done). Take a book, colouring book ( I found it really relaxing!). With such an operation you need to give yourself time to heal and recover afterwards, don't expect to be feeling better straight away it takes time.

our friend is a surgeon and he told me before my first operation ( was emergency and I was petrified) that during that time I'll be the safest I've ever been as everyone in the theatre is concentrating on keeping you safe. When I had my second op I was much more relaxed going into and the Staff were lovely I felt safe.

hope it goes well and be kind to yourself. Xx

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