don't let them brush you off!

ive been waiting since last September 2013 to get a gyny appointment and ive finally had one today. i had already been for a scan in the sep of 2013 & when i went into the consultant he was very attentive and considerate. he asked me why i was there and within 5 minutes of talking to him he told me he is pretty sure i have endo. although because im still quite young he tried pushing me out the door with saying that if i carried on with my normal contraceptive pills without any breaks for six months it might help, due to the ovaries going to sleep and my endo not growing it may shrink. im not a rude person but ive been waiting for this appointment so long and for him to of cured me within 5 minutes seemed a bit unfair. so i pushed on asking him questions about if it doesnt help, if i want to have kids ( due to the fact that he thought the contraceptive pill might stop the endo i would have to come off of it to try for kids). he then cut my time of taking my contraceptive without any breaks to half. so i gave in and agreed to try it for 3 months to be honest with you the thought of an operation doesn't thrill me. but its the only way to completely be sure and to get rid of it if possible. so finally he agreed that regardless to how the symptoms turn out over the next 3 months that i will have to have an operation eventually anyway but this is just an "indirect way of diagnosing it" i think it is for his peace of mind over mine. so the moral of my story is, make sure you always press for answers and what you want to happen. even if they are trying to steer you in another direction!

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  • Absoultely right!! I had the same situation. Was in excruciating pain for 2 yrs, thought i was going mad!! I was even seeing a consultant privately for 1 year who eventually told me she didnt know what to do with me and that I shoud just continue to take the pill as your doc recommended. In the end when i eventually saw a consultant who was keen to do a laparscopy i had endo everywhere, in my bladder and on my ovary. Also my AMH hormone which relates to fertility is low- which they say is a common sympton of endo sufferers.

    I will never take the pill again.

    We must keep pushing, you did the right thing!

  • I had exactly the same 'treatment' from my GP and gynaecologist! From a couple of years into starting my periods, I was on the contraceptive pill (at the age of 12), I've been trying a variety since then, nothing was making the pain better, I tried the depo injection last year but after this failed to work I went back to my GP who gave me a different kind of the pill, a few months later after doing some doctors research of my own I brought up to my GP the idea of endometriosis after my persistence she refereed to me a gynaecologist who then, surprise surprise, put me on a different pill, after a month I had had enough the pain was getting too unbearable to carry on even getting up in the morning so a laparoscopy was booked and was taken place just this last Friday in which endometrosis was found! It scares me that I could have still been living with it if I hadn't have brought it up to my GP myself that day! I hope you do get your way and have the operation just like I did because I know you feel, hope the pain and anger doesn't last xx

  • Omg I'm the same as u never had anything no examination nothing told take new pill should go away bt 100 million times worse my doctors are doing nothing every1 saying change them x

  • Hi I was diagnosed with endo 18 years ago I was 24 got told if I was to carry on suffering I would need an hysterectomy! So I just got on with my life of pain, I don't honestly know if the pain eased or I just got used to it. I became pregnant in 2006 a very happy shock due to being told I had a slim to no chance of ever getting pregnant again ( I have a daughter 23 now) after having my son I had no endo symptoms but by the time he was 2 they started all over again. Symptoms: lower left constant back pain, hip pain, left stomach varies from constant ache to pain, period pain from hell, period only lasting a day but pain doesn't, severe bloating, headaches, now this month period is currently on day 5 with no end in sight with clots and the worst pain EVER, been for scans showed nothing only tilted womb doctor gave me cerazette which I do not want to take and said I can get you a lap done if YOU WANT IT!!! What isn't she supposed to be the doctor? so sorry for the rant, what would you lady's think I should do I'm lost, fed up of being like this. Hope you are all well xxx

  • Sorry forgot to say painful sex and pain when I wee and open my bowels why? Xx

  • I have this with my endo Hun xx

  • I would go for the laparoscopy, there may be something they can do about the pain you are suffering plus what they find may be able to help you understand your pain better and as a result control it better. I hate that they offer it to you like that, makes you feel that they are doing you an un-necessary favour almost, I am no fan of hospitals and I have a phobia of needles but I have had 4 and I didn’t regret one of them! I have to go back again next month for another one, every time I end up back at the hospital they try to push my into having a hysterectomy but I am 39 and although I know the possibility of me being able to have a child is pretty non-existent I am not ready to accept it. Good luck Victoria XX

  • Ah thanks for replying I'm going to make an appointment at docs and ask what are your symptoms xx

  • I have had problems since the age of 12 since starting my period. I went onto the pill and it didn't help, I eventually seen a gyno at the age of 18 and was told I have nothing wrong, I changed my gp last year and got to see a new gyno in October last year, by November I was in hospital having key hole surgery and diagnosed with endo, I am now going through IVF! Never ever let a gyno or doc just give up on you x

  • Thank you for your reply, I feel as if they think it's either not as bad as I say or it's all in my head, so I feel like a hypochondriac I feel so down most of the time with pains and aches constantly, my relationship is suffering because he says I can't go anywhere or do anything because I'm tired and in pain all the time, which is true but I still pretend I'm fine and go and do things then I suffer more after life shouldn't be like this I'm so fed up and teary all the time. Hope all you lady's are ok xx

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