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Supplements on menopause

Hello all,

Firstly thank you to all who have replied on my previous posts, for some reason it won't let me comment or my internet freezes when i have tried!

What vitamins and supplements do you recommend on temporary menopause?

Brands would be helpful to!

I have got evening primrose oil but am so confused!?

I have found menopause vitamins for day and night? Should i get both or is that duplicating?

Should i get extra calcium tablets or is there enough in vitamins?

Also any top tips in managing side effects. Hot flushes etc? I am totally clueless and want to get prepared to go back to work - am a nurse so won't have time! Am worried about not sleeping etc as need to be alert and well in self.

So far have got myself a cold spray!!!

Any ideas and previous experience would be gratefully received.

Thank you :) x

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The only thing I took was sage tablets. I was on zoladex twice, I only took sage tablets one of the times and that time my flushes were minimal and I actually lost weight. As with all supplements who knows if they helped for sure but worth looking into.


Hi there

I was on prostrap injections last year and really suffered with side effects of sleepless nights and hot flushes. I did some research and come across Wellsprings serenity cream. You only need a tiny amount twice a day and it helped with the symptoms. I am now using it again after having a hysterectomy. Finger crossed it will work jst as well s last time.


Hi ladies, well I have now been diagnosed by my GP as actually having naturally entered the peri-menopausal stage of my life. In my search for information, I also came across Wellsprings and I have just started to use that myself so I would be interested to hear of other ladies experiences with this.

I also had stage 4 very advanced endo and underwent radical excision surgery to deal with that. That was 2 years ago now and I can honestly say I have not had another peep from endo since.

Whilst looking into Wellsprings, I have also read various books on the subject by Dr John Lee, Anna Rushton & Dr Shirley Bond and also Dr Michael E Platt. What interested me what that over the years I have had a cervical erosion, PMS, pituitary prolactinoma, severe endo and all these things could well have been linked to eostrogen dominance.

Anyway, I would be glad to hear of your experiences with Wellsprings.


Thank you ladies. That's really helpful. I find myself in health foox shops getting reccommended things and not always knowing how they work or what they do!

I have now got menopause multi vits, evening primrose oil&star flower oil, calcium with vitamin d & soya isoflavens. Now to get the sage and go from there!

Hopefully not a waste of money, just want to do all I can to keep on top of things xxx


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