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has my lining grew back

hi im new to all this i was diagnosed with endo a couple of years ago i had a couple of laparoscopys had the marina coil fitted but that had to be removed after 3 months last november i has an ablitration of the lining of the womb and the implant put in ive had no bleeding since then but over the last month or so i have been in no end of pain i went to the doctor and he said the pain is dur to my lining growing back.

has anyone else had anything like this???

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Hi.... Was this to stop your heavy bleeding.?

I had this done.. Never had pain when it grew back..

I think you need to go back and see your consultant.. It may be a number of things.. Or something unrelated to that.. Do you cysts or wide spread endo.

Dont leave it you must go back every wk if you have to.

Good luck

Jewels xxx


hi.. yer had it done to stop the bleeding i havent bleed since but i think that becsuse i had the implant put in i been back to the doc and he told me that was what the pain was the lining growing back but i thought it wouldnt as they made it quite clear that i wouldnt be able to have anymore children once i had the ablatration i will go back to the docs

thanks for yor feedback

sam xx


Hi, I had an ablation last year,( due to heavy bleeding) I had no periods for a year, but this year the lining grew back and I started bleeding.

I have since started monthly jabs of decapeptyl to treat endo and my periods have stopped again. I'm dreading it when I finish the jabs in 2 months. Good luck. xx


I was also told the lining would grow back. xx


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