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hi everyone

I have for years suffered extremely horrific periods and have been through check uops all my life for polysistic ovaries always coming back incolclusive last year after going for more tests and being told there was ntohign wrong with me i woke up bleeding profusely wnet green in colour started sweating and vommiting and ended up being rushed to hospital.My boyfriend at the time of almost a yr was with me as we always lived together he saw me go through this and i spent a entire day and night in intensive care the surgent sat me and my boyfriend down and explained that us doing what we were doing that morning "sex"had effected it and that i had a extreme case of endemetriosis.the nextday my boyfriend was really lovely but then started to become extremely nasty and even nastier once i went for more examinations he told me he didnt want to huirt me so he could wait for 3 months then when i got unwell the next weekend after 2 weeks he left me he said it had nothing to do with me being sick but the truth of the matter is he clearly got turned of me when i became so unwell as the day we ended up in hospital we had just invited my oarents over to show them a ring hed given me the week before and our overseas travels booked together.

He came back a few times being nice but wed have sex and hed either be thinking to much or one time i bled and he got up and left.Its now been 4 months and ive been on the pill and was getting better but the pill stopped woking recently and i started bleeding intensely so badly that i cant go to work.I am now so depressed as it remind sme of why my byfriend who i loved very much left me.Ive been emotional All week i live very healthy as i work at gym so i take good care of myself but mentally and emotionally i am a mess im 26 and im so worried after reading some of these posts that this will always be a issue and no one will ever love me .I didnt even realise couples went to counselling about this and readin that so many men cheat due to this has made me feel HORRIBLE.i see that a lot of bfs have stuck around .

I also wonder does anybody else do the pill to help with it as I have been given he pill until i do my surgery(im on waiting list) but my docter told me after every 2 packs 3-6 months i have to suffer a period cos id been bleeding even on the pill im now on the sugar tablets for 2 days and leading up my emotions have been crazy ive been crying a lot is this pms ?

I need some help and advice.

Im instucted next to go on the mini pill and see how this works?

please anybody who can help me would be great

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Yes it's true that many women have found that their partners could not cope with endo. But there are some good guys out there! Please don't think that this disease in some way makes you unloveable. My partner has stood by me despite only managing to have sex a grand total of 3 times last year!

Endo messes with your hormones, the treatment messes them even more, and on top of that you're dealing with heartache! Most women need counselling at some point because we have soooo much to deal with. Talk to your GP about getting support. Try and use the anger you feel towards endo to motivate you to keep fighting, and keep trying.

So much of the treatment is trial and error as everyone reacts differently to different treatments, and each treatment needs several months to settle before deciding if it works. It's a long frustrating process, but when you finally have a good day it makes it all worth it.

Hugs x


thank you so much .the thing is i never had a major problem with sex it would hurt a little but it wasnt to bad it was the bleeding that i think turned him off althought after the hospital run sex did become more painful i assume i was getting worse.my hormones were very all over the place i was very upset and emotional as he was being so nasty to me from my sickness and i couldnt understand.i through myself into training which helped for a while just like the pills did its been 4 months and ill now be trialling the mini pill my 3rd pill change .Ialso am looking into this endo diet does this help a lot cos i found when my ex left i lost 9kg from changing my eating and my energy became a lot better.ivealways been small i was a size 8 but got to a size 6 but honestly my energy went up so much and my skin looked great so im thinking this diet could be a key to helping?i really dont know a lot about this all so i thought this site my help me cos ever since i didnt want to know about it as i blame myself for it :(


Don't blame yourself, most people know very little about endo until they're diagnosed with it. As for the endo diet I have met women who found it helps with their pain, and some it didn't help. For myself, I know if I tried to do the diet 'cold turkey' I would fail, so instead I've cut down on the 'bad' foods to see if it makes any difference. I also think having a healthier diet will help my body fight this disease.

If you have any specific questions about the diet post them in the 'questions' sections as I know several ladies on this website are on the diet.

Goos luck xx


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