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Hi everyone i just wanted to know that if i have endo which i have for 17 years but in the last 10 it's reached stage 4 endo. my daughter

who is 10 has just started her periods yesterday and she is bleeding heavy her PJ bottoms had blood on it when she wake up but at the top part of her bottom area (hope this makes sense) so could she be bleeding from behind also at this age? as i have bowel endo too so i dont know if this is normal or not , not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me making me think she has the same as me as she is only 10 years old please, please help me....do i take her to doctors or A&E? what shall i do i suffered alot and i dont want her to go through what i am going through hope u all understand please reply soon..

thank you

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Its better to go to the hospital and then take ti from there. After that if they send you to your GP amd you see that GP takes too long for diagnosis, tests etc and you can afford it go private.

Sorry I cant help so much, its quite odd though to have developed endo in the final stage (bleeding) etc in such young age, usually in teens it can be shown only with pain and not with so severe symptoms.

Best of luck xx


thanks for your reply i am confused, she said she has not period pains or anything like that actually pain free at the moment and when i last checked her there was no blood at the bowl area so it may just be a period? what do u think, is she not still young?



It could be period, but its better if you take her to a doctor to confirm that everything is ok or if she needs more checks/scans. She is very young, and even having her period already, gosh she entered so early the "womens problems" life, bless her. ...

you will also have peace of mind if she is checked properly from a doctor.

Hopefully its going to be resolved easily and soon.

Jo xx


thanks jojo777 for your help but want the doctors think i'm being silly getting her checked to confirm if it is periods?



Considering that she is so young, you have history with endo and she even has the slightest possibility of bowel problem, you should visit a doctor. This is what I would do, and of course its up to you now.

its better safe than sorry even if this means that a doctor could find it silly. ;)

Jo xxx


thank you will c doc today.

take care


I had endo for 30 years (two bowel resections and years of pain) and when my daughter developed symptoms when she was in her early teens, I took her to see a gynae who told me that it was very unlikely--(this was 15 years ago). She struggled on for some years and ended up having a bowel resection for deep infiltrating endo aged 23. I wish I had been more persistent--got a second opinion. I would encourage you to persist. You might be labelled as a neurotic mum but try to develop a thick skin and insist that someone takes it seriously. Check out the Endo-UK website as they had a campaign to identify endo in youngsters last year x


Just wanted to add a suggestion--if you google Endometriosis.org--American endo organistaion, scroll down to Blossom Ball and click on this, then click on Educational Activities and you will see 2012 Nurse Conference. There are some excellent presentations on here especially one by Dr Monique Regard who talks at length about endo in children and teenagers. Hope you have time to do this--it is really interesting and informative and I think one of our best approaches is to be well informed x


thank you for that.


Did you take her to the doctor, Reception? What did they say?

And how is she today? x


Hi thank you to those who replied back to me. i took my daughter to A&E as she was bleeding a lot i mean a lot and they confirmed that yes she has started her periods and also they feel its too much blood lost so they took bloods to test and came back saying she has a clotting problem therefore they gave her vit K and she is on transexamic acid 3 times a day. they said i need to keep an eye on her and that someone from hematology will call me on wed to see how she is.


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