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Doubting yourself?

Hi I'm new to this site, I'm booked in for 4th laparoscopy on 14th feb (also my bday!) but I'm terrifief they don't find anything. I've had endometriosis for 12 years and had it lasered away 10 yrs ago. I'm having all the usual symptoms and recently been admitted with a kidney inf which they now think is my endometriosis back. Does anyone else doubt themselves?

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Hi Gillian

I go for 6 monthly scans just to keep an eye on things. A while back, I was in constant pain on my right hand side and was utterly convinced they would find a cyst at the next scan, but it was completely clear. Then last year I went for a routine scan expecting it to be just that, and they found a 5cm cyst on my ovary. I had had no clue there was anything amiss.

There is no rhyme or reason to this disease!

Good luck for your lap, what a perfect excuse to flirt shamelessly with the surgeon! ;)

C xxx


Hi ladies

I constantly doubt myself! I doubted myself for years before finally being diagnosed - should have had more faith in myself really, I knew that something wasn't right but was constantly fobbed off by the docs. I finally had a lap last year after a scan showed I had developed a 10cm around my right ovary, along with other bits elsewhere. I am now experiencing some symptoms again and am worried that I am getting the cysts back. I wasn’t told that I would have any follow up scans to make sure everything was ok, so now I’m wondering whether I should go back to the docs to ask for one, or whether I'm just being overly cautious. You see, doubting myself already!

I think unfortunately because of the nature of this disease and the wide range of symptoms it produces it’s hard not to doubt yourself sometimes! Before they found anything I sometimes felt like I was making a mountain out of a molehill, so it was a relief to finally have a diagnosis.

It’s not a great way to spend your birthday is it (I had mine the day after my bday last year!) but I hope that the lap goes well on the 14th and they can provide some relief! xx


Yes i did doubt myself also and would look a fool after my lap was done but when they came back and said its severe stage 4 i was very shocked and once the shock wore off i was then relieved as i was starting to think that kind of pain during a period was normal. I think we always know when something is really wrong with our bodies :) hope ur lap goes well xx


Thank you very much for all your comments, it really helpful to know that I'm not alone. I'm just counting down the days till my lap! Xx


Good luck for ur op hope everything goes well and you get some answers xx


yes i doubt myself continuously and always did i went through soooo many docter appointments horrible ultrasounds where they put those things in and make me feel disgusting and everyt ime cane back inconclusive cos they were searching for pso until last yr after a week of going to docters being told i was fine i got rushed to intensive care bleeding profusely vommiting and pain ohhh the pain when i was finally told i had a very extreme case of endo i dpubt myself everyt ime im sick and why i need to not go to work as ppl think its a non serious thing the pain and the bleeding shows its not normal dont doubt yourself xx


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