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Doubting myself now

Hi Guys.

Reasonably new to all this but here's my story. (Sorry its long!) Also I feel like a fraud because I live in Australia but posting on a UK sight haha!

So it started when I was 14 with a full year of bleeding with hardly any breaks. It was reasonably heavy but I don't remember having pain. I didn't tell anyone and I'm not actually sure why. Then when I was 15 I started to get my period which I think in the span of one year I had probably 4-6 periods (If memory serves). Each time I would get my period I wouldn't be able to move out of bed or from fetal position because of the pain. I also had diarrhea and nausea around this time. So I was either on the toilet or in bed for the first few days of my cycle starting. Sorry TMI.

Then when I was 16 I went on the pill where everything was normal and I was able to skip a few periods if needed. However, period pain was still bad for the first 2 days and I still had trouble moving when the cramps were bad and tummy ache with toilet visits still persisted, however pain killers would help.

When I became sexually active at 17 it did hurt sometimes but it was still enjoyable.

This takes me back to a year ago now when I was 20 and started to get spotting between periods even though I was on the pill. Dr put me on a stronger dose and dismissed me and other pains. Now im seeing new dr who sent me to gyno where he has booked me for a lap with suspected endometriosis.

I'm however doubting myself. My nan and cousin had endometriosis and fibroids, but am I just imagining my symptoms? I also have a very extroverted uterus which COULD be caused by endometriosis.

Is it possible they will find endo? I don't want to go for a lap and them not find anything. I'm seriously doubting myself.

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I forgot to mention that I came off the pill (obviously because it wasn't working for me) on the 22nd October and had my withdrawl bleed which lasted 6 days. I have only just gotten my period almost 40 days later. This period started with slight cramping and light spotting when i wiped after going to the toilet for 2 days. It was heavy and very painful (but after seeing new dr she gave me menefamic acid which helps) and yesterday after taking out my tampon theres been nothing. Not even a drop?

This also confirms my doubts. What if my period is normal now. Or is it just my body trying to get used to my new cycle. Will my periods get worse every time? So nervous.


Even if they don't find endo, they could find something else that's causing your pain. And even if they don't find it, they can either rule that out or move onto other areas causing your pain, so it's definitely a positive! x I just had a lap which didnt find endo which was a shock after being told for ages it was that, but my womb was tilted so they said that can cause a lot of my pain. Also just bc they didn't find any doesn't mean it's not there, so it's definitely worth having one to cover your options. Good luck! x


But if it was something else like fibroids wouldn't that have been picked up with my ultrasounds?


Not always, ultrasounds really don't pick up a lot unless it's something huge! It's easier said than done but the more you stress over the what ifs, the more you'll get yourself into a flap over nothing. If there's something there, a lap can usually find it, and even if they don't, doesn't mean the symptoms are all in your head, because you know something is up with your body and there are more avenues to explore before or after surgery x


Hi best to get checked, sounds like something is wrong so worth finding out what. Endo can run in families. Good luck!


Thank you


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